Thursday, March 11, 2010

THURSDAY--Another Edition of......:

The weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1) Springtime in The Rockies is July 2 and lasts at least until July 5.

2) If all these elected politicians are so idealistic then why do they spend a fortune to hold an office that pays a fraction of what it cost to inhabit? It surely is not the “perks” which they certainly would not accept.

3) Wasn’t it grand when “radio” actually entertained and did not scream and divide people?

4) When did “weather” become the highlight of the 11 o’clock news---beating out car crashes, mayhem, and other things that Phil Ochs would have considered of interest only---To A Small Circle of Friends?

5) When people accuse one of “sour grapes” isn’t that like saying they are on the road to being a fine wine?
6) What is the proper protocol when a neighbor sells his house---a farewell party for a good neighbor seems right. What about one where the neighbor is despised---perhaps a street celebration as in the final scenes of Frankenstein---those torches are quite celebratory.

7) I thought the Phantom of The Opera an awful musical taken from a grade C novel based on a film that I loved as a child and found inane as an adult. All this makes me wonder why this new incarnation of The Phantom in Coney Island is needed or wanted. He died---let him, finally, rest in his grade C peace.

8) Five minutes of the Academy Awards were more than I could take---5 presenters for 5 actors in a eulogy for the living was too much---perhaps ABC was trying to do a humanitarian thing in blocking it from Cablevision (for a brief time).

9) ABC nor Cablevision need any of our sympathy. What they do need is governmental control---local and federal. Local for the Cable companies and Federal for the monopolistic media moguls.
10) Why do stock prices go down on good news and up on probable news?

11) I remember when you looked around for local service people such as painters in the classifieds and now you get them on the web and the reply from their Blackberry---does that make them more expensive or more professional?

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