Thursday, March 4, 2010

THURSDAY--Another Edition of......:

The weekly flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1) The new media technologies bring their own issues for confrontation between the creators of content and the deliverers of it. ABC will give you “free” programming if you use an antenna but not if you use cable---yet the advertisers paid them for total viewership and not partial viewership .

2) It turns out that Ms Riefenstahl was not the influential filmmaker the Nazis had—the honor is now acknowledged to go to Veit Harlan who made an anti-Semitic blockbuster in that era and was endorsed by Herr Goebbels and made mandatory viewing to troops and was a huge hit with the public. A documentary about him, his film and the controversy it created with his own family---some of which, interestingly, converted to Judaism and one who is related to Stanley Kubrick—is now showing at The Film Forum in NYC.

3) Now that they won’t have any live music for the best musical numbers in film at the Academy Awards perhaps they can soon void live acting segments and finally disappear altogether---which has the side effect of not giving networks leverage with cable companies. None of which need a benefit a benefit run for them.

4) We have had films about Dylan (many), Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, and many more so I have to wonder when we will get a film about a person who has been forced beneath the radar and should be well above it-----Phil Ochs.

5) I know of someone who has a terrific screen-play all ready and an actor who would be the second coming of Phil Ochs.

6) There were surely a bevy of generous pledgers to Sunday Simcha and to Traditions during the fundraising period and we have some great thank you gifts all ready to go out for you.

7) I think I am nearing the finish of the construction of the two Walls that I shall dedicate for the Sunday Simcha program---one The Wall of the Meshpucha for those who financially supported the program---and there were many. The other one-- The Wall of The Schnorers---those who call and e mail requests and comments during the year---and there are many---and NEVER financially support the program. One person always calls to say he is “pledging---TOMORROW-- but make sure you play male voices”---you know the rest. So---future requests and comments—I will check the two walls before responding.

8) In seeing and hearing Henny Youngman routines again I am amazed how his humor and delivery hold up over the years---you still laugh out loud.

9) How many roads does a man have to walk down before he realizes he is lost?

10) From little seedlings mighty trees grow and then come crashing down if you outlive them. Just proves that Mother Nature is still stronger than anything manufactured by mere mortals.

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