Sunday, February 28, 2010


Both TRADITIONS & SUNDAY SIMCHA have a list of thanks to offer the very loyal listeners who supported and pledged to both programs. My thanks to all of you and also for some things in more detail for each program:

SUNDAY SIMCHA -- While there were few pledgers in volume there are quite a few very generous--overly generous ones--and I thank them. My compliments to our station manager, Carl Kraus, for his truly meaningful and lighthearted visit to the program today and for his wonderful support of this program. Surely there are many programs worthy of support on this station but, as we all know, management at any station looks at what we call the "bottom line". For that reason I single him out for thanks because he wants to keep this "Yiddishkeit" going on WFDU---the ONLY place on the radio dial where you will find it. No small thanks to our listeners generosity and his openness and support of such an effort. Also, thanks, for his kind words about me---if this keeps up I will have to become his personal Rebbe.

TRADITIONS---So many loyal listeners have shown their wonderful support of this program. Today we were happy to welcome some new members into the Traditions family---that was wonderful. Some overly generous pledgers and some that pledged lesser amounts that were affordable to them---and to us just as meaningful and thankfully received.
This has been the last week of our once and only time (unlike certain stations on the left and center of the dial) that we will come to you for support of a station and programming that harks back to a time when radio was "personal". At WFDU it still is. You call us--we talk to you. You make requests--we honor them. You want people who know the music they play and the talk of the artists---WFDU has that. Who else does? Think about it.

SO---thanks for the support. Any late pledgers can still e mail me:

The first two are easier--honestly.

Finally---thanks from both Ron and I for the support to Traditions and for myself---abi gezunt and thanks for becoming part of the Sunday Simcha Meshpucha

Time for Henny Youngman and what was humor then and still is if you think of it:

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