Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Program Update

Not to take away fro the weekly "Nobody Asked Me But.." I just wanted to add a few program notes for 2 programs---

SUNDAY SIMCHA: On March 12 as you all probably recall its the anniversary of The Anschluss of 1938 (If ever there were a misnomer--that was it). While it will not be commemorated that day I shall make note of it with a segment on the program on March 21---and on the program of April 11 we shall commemorate Yom Hashoah with music and commentary.
When it comes to Sunday Simcha I tend to try to keep it light while, at the same time, try to assume my more serious mode---since I am a child of that era and was involved in it---and will always recall it in programming and commemoration---how about a shot of the little house painter who started the whole damned mess--

We will talk about it on the 4/11 program. But, for an e mail quiz---can you tell me who is the fellow on the left of Dear Adolf----It will be on the commentary on 4/11. If you answer via e mail to you will receive a randomly selected CD which is featured on the program---pledgers to the program only on this.

TRADITIONS: Sunday March 21---a little early but just let me alert you to a step back into a bit of musical history---or nostalgia , if you will, in addition to some wonderful new material and---as always---the dreaded features.

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