Monday, January 14, 2008

Reviews & Updates

Since the Holiday season is now behind us the lilting voice and video of Emily Kurn has now been replaced on the right side of this page by an artist who, if you have been listening to TRADITIONS over the years, know I have featured many times. RICHARD BERMAN .

His CDs are imbued with such great insights about life, love, and destiny as well as humor that they are really in the "knock your socks off" department---the department I have founded ever since I ran out of socks that have been knocked off by some of the great artists that have joined us on TRADITIONS and SUNDAY SIMCHA---not to denigrate TABLETALK.

I am sure that once you view the video on the right you will understand the great talent this artist possesses.

The stories in his songs touch on the various stages of a life, a strange career choice in the Mexican waters, and a great joke set to music---who woulda thunk it.

Yesterday's edition of TRADITIONS, as you know from the playlists and listening, featured a new group. A wonderful trio GATHERING TIME . Rest assured you will he hearing a lot about this group. I can only compare their sound to that of some of the best known groups we have today---or have had in the past. The group is made up of Stu Marcus who I met a number of years back at a NERFA gathering (and having been alerted by my daughter to listen to this fellow), Glen Roethel, and Hillary Foxsong (great name for a foxy lady).

On the left is a shot of their appearance in WFDU's new performance studio---the photographer was not at the top of his game ---but he was busy doing the interview---that would be yours truly.

You will also probably recall that a few artists were featured on the program of January 13. Jackie Morris and Emily Kurn have been presented before. The two that I wanted to introduce to the listeners were both surprises to me and new to a larger audience. WOLF KRAKOWSKI has been played on the SUNDAY SIMCHA program many a time. He has, however, a whole other side to the Yiddish and liturgical music. What can be best described as country/folk-rock with meaningful lyrics with a great style and voice.

ROBIN O'HERIN is a recent pleasant discovery. A graphic artist and an amazing performer of gospel, folk, blues all done in her distinctive style that leans heavily on old time blues.

If you have read the previous notes (below) you know of the updates and the programs promise to be truly unique and interesting. Briefly the line-up of guests:

SUNDAY SIMCHA JANUARY 20: A very special program featuring a live concert by MARGOT LEVERETT &THE KLEZMER MTN.BOYS

TRADITIONS JANUARY 27: We are honored to have NOEL PAUL STOOKEY visit the program some music and talk of ---as the saying goes--"..of things and of cabbages and kings" It is promised we will leave out the cabbages---kings--well---he is a king in the musical and socially responsible world.

TABLETALK FEBRUARY 10: JEFF SUMEREL joins us to talk of his new film--TO MY GREAT CHAGRIN. This is a documentary and biography of the great performance artist --intellectual and tragic figure--THEODORE--later known as BROTHER THEODORE.

While this site is dedicated to news and comments regarding the 3 radio programs along with commentary about new releases, memorable events in this genre, and other bits of miscellany I would suggest that should you have an artist that you appreciate and want featured on any of the programs to contact me either by making a comment (signed) here or e mail to

You might also click on the right side of this page to view more videos and see playlists for the various programs or more videos on The Almost Daily Rooster. All links are explained on the right side of this page.

Now the time has come to read of all the business opportunities I am receiving from Nigeria.

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