Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kudos, Comments, and Suggestions

The Kudos come first and the recipient of them is MODERN MAN .

The occasion for that is that the group has been won one (like that?--one/won-) of the NYC Nightlife Awards and will be awarded same---along with pats on the heads-- a rather celebrated group of presenters. This all takes place at Town Hall in NYC on January 28 and will no doubt be televised nowhere. It only proves to me that David Buskin lied when I asked when they find time to rehears and his comment was---"Rehearse?". Looks like they did---and rather well at that. Glad to see that the arc is still in the ascendancy and here he and I had thought that WFDU was the pinnacle. Turns out it was only a rung on the lower end of the ladder.

Some upcoming appearances by these rather serious minded musicians are:

January 26 Towne Crier Cafe Pawling NY
March 1 Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club Fairlawn NJ
March 8 Cafe Lena Saratoga Spring NY
April 13 Orangeburg Library (2 PM) Orangeburg NY (This is a re-scheduled show from February and I thank them for working it out with me.)

One more kudo---gad--I am giving out kudos like kudzu in the south. My co-host Ron Olesko on his nomination for the Broadcast award by the Folk Alliance.

NOW--for the suggestions of where to go. Not that far (had you worried?)just to the right side of the page and click on THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER. There you will find a video of some appearances by BROTHER THEODORE in anticipation of the film maker Jeff Summerel joining me on TABLETALK (Feb.10)to talk about his film TO MY GREAT CHAGRIN , about BROTHER THEODORE. The film debuts at MoMa on Feb 13--and as Mr. Summerel and I hope --the world shall be THEODORIZED.

You might also click on the PLAYLISTS PAGE where you can now see a video of on of my latest "discoveries"--at least to me---Robin O'herin. If you like gospel, blues, and ballads---all done in a unique blues-like style she is your cup of tea---or something stronger.

As to comments. I don't want to call it a review. APPLESEED RECORDINGS has once again presented us with a most meaningful and wonderful piece of work from an artist who's body of work seems endless. TOM PAXTON .

The CD you see on the left--Comedians & Angels is scheduled for release on February 19 and you will surely have it previewed on TRADITIONS this month.

As to the title of the CD; it refers to the last track. More about that later.

Basically these are love songs in the broadest terms for the word "love" . Love of family --wife and children --in songs such as " Home to Me". Jennifer and Kate", and a charming re-working of The First Song Is For You". Love for the heroes of the l960s and their activism in the song "How Beautiful Upon The Mountain". Love for those in this musical field that are now gone in the final track--"Comedians & Angels".

Love songs, as said, with the word "love" in all its wide contexts and all done in a great musical performance.

This CD does not contain any of Tom Paxton's brilliant "short shelf life" material. Rather, it contains 15 songs of meaning and sentiment that, perhaps, are the kind of thing one hopes to find in an artist celebrating another decade passing. These things are so rarely found in today's commercial world of pap. A musically refreshing breeze of new songs and revisited older material.

One piece was co-written by Geo. Wurzbach (of Modern Man). There are guest artists on this album that will both surprise you and amaze you---let that be a surprise when you get this CD. Truly a CD one needs to complement a Tom Paxton collection.

There have always been songs by him that, even if they were written for personal reasons, many can relate with. "Getting Up Early" , "Even A Gray Day", and "The First Song Is For You" (on this CD as well) among so many others. That just proves that in a musical pantheon he has to be the equivalent of writers of great literature such, say, Arthur Miller that relate the human condition to us.

Finally a quick reminder of some of the upcoming shows on WFDU which I will be presenting in the next few weeks==shows I feel are exceptional because of the people that will be involved with these programs:

SUNDAY SIMCHA: January 20 Margot Leverett & The Klezmer Mtn Boys (Live)

TRADITIONS: January 27 Noel Paul Stookey (live)

TABLETALK: February 10 Jeff Summerel re: BROTHER THEODORE (live)
FINALLY: Some suggestions---FROM YOU. If there are artists that you feel that either we have not played often enough or that you would like featured at some time please e mail or just make a comment (signed) here.

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