Wednesday, January 9, 2008


A few notes on the upcoming things planned for the three programs I am delighted to be producing and hosting. Other items will be saved for future listings. This is to give an early "heads-up" in the hopes you are anxious to hear these programs for the really interesting people and things that will be presented.

We start with TRADITIONS: On Sunday January 13 it is a pleasure to be able to welcome Stuart Markus and his group into our live performance studio for some interesting conversation and music. Here is a quote that David Buskin gives regarding Stu:

Stu Markus? The dude sings good, plays good, writes good, and on top of that, he's funny. The crowd loved him - in fact, speaking as someone who had to follow him onstage, ignore previous sentence. Why should I risk losing work just because he has talent and he practices?"- David Buskin

What can you expect from a musician who claims he does not practice---trust me Mr. Buskin does and is a virtuoso. His humility will get him----well, into my heart in any case. You know him as a solo artist and as member of Modern Man.

Moving a bit further ahead now--you get an early "heads up"--NOEL PAUL STOOKEY --joins me on JANUARY 27 for a wide ranging conversation abut his new CD--FACETS---and much much more. It will include his telling us of Mary Travers battle with cancer---a successful one, thankfully.



Smiles all around and also a heads-up to remind people to visit the web site of The Public Domain Foundation to find out about the Music To Life contest and the purpose for it all.

In all honesty I do believe you will find him to be the most open, sincere, and moving person we have had on the program in many a moon. His insights into his life and how they seem to be almost universal is quite moving. In addition I would urge you to check his web-site ( by clicking on his name above) and you will discover the most honest biography I have seen by any artist on the web---and you can also find out about his newest work---FACETS.

Now we turn our attention to SUNDAY SIMCHA: The program has taken many new turns since its inception and on January 20, thanks to the help of our listeners (to WFDU) and the creation of our performance studio "C" (The Atomic Underground) it is going to be a delight a special event to be able to present to you--LIVE--the group that opens each show-- MARGOT LEVERETT & THE KLEZMER MOUNTAIN BOYS
Margot and the group have graciously agreed to join us at this early hour for some live music and conversation. So---get out some coffee--get some bagels and some spread--get up early enough so as not to miss a concert that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else on the radio dial or in a venue near you.

The band is made up of master musicians that have performed with the greats of Klezmer, the gems of Jazz, the greats of Country, and much more.

If you are still using a sun-dial then look for the shadow that says 10 AM in the morning on January 27 and tune your dial (if you still use a tuner) to 89.1. If you don't have a tuner then just push the button---long gone are the days of "...ah ah ah don't touch that dial---stay tuned for----".

Finally we arrive at TABLETALK: On January 13 an encore presentation of an interview for a book that was finally reviewed in the NY Times and discussed on WNYC after we presented the author. The book is DOUGH. This is an interview you do not want to miss and a book you do not want to miss reading. DOUGH refers to, not only, money but also to the dough used in bread. It is a memoir that will, hopefully, become a film at some point.

On February 10 ---a very early "heads-up" JEFF SUMMERELL joins the program to talk about his documentary that will premiere in February at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa). OK---you ask what is this film about--picture first:

The film is entitled---TO MY GREAT CHAGRIN. It is about a great and tragic figure who was a true intellectual with a huge cult following and was a "performance artist" before that term came into general usage.

In keeping with what this artist might have done I will withhold his name and offer you a gift of a randomly selected CD if you can supply that name by mailing it to me at .

The film truly captures the essence of the man and his history. I had the privilege of spending time with him for an interview in his humble apartment in NYC some 11 years ago. He died when he was well into his 90s and still performing.

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