Monday, October 22, 2007

Program Notes and Thanks

Since this page is about the programs---while THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER covers more general material and THE PLAYLISTS PAGE (click on the right) is self explanatory--let me start with thanks to our loyal listeners of yesterday's TRADITIONS program for all their kind calls of appreciation for the afternoon's program. Also for checking in with their vote on "satire". The home team is well ahead.

It is a given that humor, as most things, is something that will appeal to some and be anathema to others. Subjectivity. I do, however, believe two things (of the myriad that I have an opinion about--honesty) --Satire has to be light-hearted and put the subject of the satire in a foolish light. Number two would that any artist has to accept criticism. This includes your never humble correspondent. If you put yourself on a virtual stage you have to allow for negativity along with all the positive comments.

A few updates now for the various programs:

TABLETALK: Nov. 11 will be a wonderful presentation of the quarterly broadcasts by THE CAPITOL STEPS

Nov. 18 An interesting conversation with the authors of

It is hoped that part of this interesting interview will also find its way to SUNDAY SIMCHA. Here you will find out about The Goldbergs, Father Coughlin and Anti Semitism, Jewish Humor on the air--from Mr. Kitzel on the Jack Benny program to some rare radio cuts forgotten over the years.

SUNDAY SIMCHA: A few surprises are in store. We include some Jewish music as performed by the multi-faceted artist Oscar Brand and some rare radio cuts from the book mentioned on TABLETALK.

TRADITIONS: We are nearing Halloween so some fright is in store as is a visit to those people we have not heard in a while. Kate Wolf has once again been requested and if you have any requests for this or the Steve Goodman or Country Western segment please leave a comment or e mail

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