Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Bit of Trivia

Below you will see a list of programs and what will be presented on them in the next few weeks.

Since TABLETALK is a pre-recorded program the only communication we can have is via e- mail Now for the trivia query mentioned in the title.

You will see that on November 18 you will be hearing a conversation with David and Susan Siegal about their latest book Radio & The Jews. As noted earlier the conversation covers a range of topics from long gone programs, anti-semtism on radio in the 1930s and 1940s, and a host of other items.

The trivia question is this: There were 2 series that used a character named "David". One was "Uncle David" and the other "Papa David". Can you name which character appeared on which series? The prize for the first two correct e mail answers will be a randomly selected CD from either the TRADITIONS programming or SUNDAY SIMCHA programming. Your choice---merely e mail the answer with your address and your choice from which program's music you want a CD.

REMEMBER--Only 2 winners and PLEASE--no Googling. Its the honor system.

You are left with the classic line of Minerva Pious aka Mrs. Nusbaum on Allen's Alley---" were expecting may Lauren Bagel or Dinah Schnorer?"

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Anonymous said...

The two "David" radio shows were The Goldbergs (but of course)--with Uncle David played by the great Menasha Skulnik--at least when I first listened to it.The other was "Life Can Be Beautiful" with Papa David. I used to come home from PS 42 Queens for lunch around noon (1939 or so), and I recall hearing them both--possibly one after the other--before I headed back to school after lunch. (Maybe my mother had to change radio stations to get them--I'm not sure.)

I can still remember the theme for LCBB. That's because one episode opened with Chi Chi getting ready to go out, and she was singing "I have a date with Steven dear..." and I said, that's the same tune as the theme song! So I never forgot the tune.
Dave Rapp
25 West Burda Place
New City NY

If I'm a winner, I'd really enjoy getting the Ray Jessel cd you played on 11/18. Great shows, Bill!
(I saw my comment's preview, and I see I'm not really "Anonymous".)