Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Some Video Updates and a Few "Heads Up"

We start with a mention of the new videos on this page and also THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER and THE PLAYLISTS. Click on the right to visit these sites.

There are some artists who's work is timeless. Some for good reasons and others for the sad events they chronicle and just keep getting repeated---Phil Ochs is such an artist. I hasten to add that he also has "timeless" material for all the good reasons. Think of "Changes", "Flower Lady", and "The Highwayman".

On this page some footage garnered from You Tube that presents him with some very rare material the source of which I know not. Of special interest is the Swedish clip. Hopefully these rare and unheard or seen items are of interest to you.

An aside now about Phil Ochs vis a vis Bob Dylan. Without getting into their histories or their comparisons, suffice it to say that given the sad circumstances of Phil Ochs' short life we shall never know what he would have accomplished in the realm that Mr. Dylan dominates. The short years seem to show something that gives a hint.

Moving on to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER you will find the entire Stephen Colbert routine at the Press Dinner of this past year. Truly a wonderful piece. If you heard any interviews with Stephen Colbert you will know that while there was not much laughter up front the audience in the rear was quite regaled with the work. Looking closely at the Pres. reaction you will find it also appreciative---until the end. The only criticism here is that the little film he put together about being press secretary was too long.

THE PLAYLISTS page. Itzhak Perlman continues with some wonderful music. Mike Burstyn will be with you for a short time more.

It is hoped that you will visit those other two sites for the videos and then, perhaps, for the content of the comments made therein---hey---big words. Impressed? Never step out of character---that is the "hint of the day".

Other blogs might be serious and a litany of serious commentary it is hoped that here there is that mix of the serious and the light hearted. If one has to describe it then it isn't working.

Program Notes: As the title implies time to mention some upcoming things on the various programs:

TRADITIONS: We have some interesting guests coming that will be mentioned at a later time --you know TBA. TBA--I guess that is like The Famous Many Others. We will, this week, continue our Steve Goodman feature and also, by request, once again hear the voice of Kate Wolf. The Country Music that was so popular in the '50s on some stations here will, again, be re-visited. It still is on WFDU. As we all know.

SUNDAY SIMCHA: Shortly we will be airing an interview that will spill over to TABLETALK with the authors of a book about Old Time Radio and the Jewish representation on it---from the Goldbergs to Father Coughlin.

As it is said---not in the good book--or any book I know of---"stay tuned"

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