Saturday, September 8, 2007

Some Marquee Changes and Some Updates

While Paul Robeson will remain with us thanks to this wonderful technology, for a time, it is hoped you will also visit the PLAYLIST page for some music for The High Holy Days commemoration. A visit to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER will garner you a view of "If FDR were GWB"--fascinating.

As to updates for the various programs---and that, basically, is what this page is about don't forget:
TABLETALK Sept 16---Mort Zachter and his wonderful book DOUGH.
SUNDAY SIMCHA: Sept. 16---Arthur Levy of SONY LEGACY joins the program to talk of his involvement with the music, his generosity in our collection, and his career.
TRADITIONS: Some guests that will be visiting the program when I am on in the fall include: EMILY KURN, MUSTARDS RETREAT, and others that will, it is said, TBA.

OK--an aside here. As a youngster I perused the radio schedules and always wondered what TBA meant. I figured it to be quite important. Sure, some kids could recite the baseball box scores and all the stats, others could tell you of basketball and football figures. Me--well, ever trying to be popular, knew all the radio schedules. Sure made a big hit with the good old peers. I don't know of them today but as for me I guess that good old Shaker Hymn worked out---"...we all come down in the place just right".

Some other day---perhaps if it is requested--- I could play a song that I played over and over again on a wind-up Victrola given to me on my 10 birthday---and a record that came with it. I fantasized being On Air---age 10---the song---Phil Harris doing "That's What I Like About The South". I can still do all the words. So---Won't you come with me to Alabamy, etc;

Have to stop and wind up the old Victrola now.

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