Friday, August 31, 2007

A Personal Thought and Some Other Musical Mentions

This being a "blog" and is on the Internet one never knows who is reading it. Given that, and given that quite a few folks seem to be checking in each day, it seemed that a personal message and update on events was warranted.

Many of the artists I have had the honor and pleasure in knowing have been contacted via e-mail with the less than momentous news that after some 8 years I will no longer be attending the NERFA conferences at Kutshers Hotel (or whatever place they decide to hold it in). There are a number of reasons for this and none have to do with the wonderful artists and people I have had the pleasure and honor of communing with there and in other venues. It does have to do with the people that are the ones organizing the event. As many organizations, sadly, they seem to have their inner circle for their own self interests. While I do not fault them for that since that is a fact of life in most organizations (though not others that I am involved in) I do fault them for their communications asking for volunteers---judging, panels, etc; and never responding because they have who they want. Right---yours truly is not among that revered list who would have been happy to serve on panels, help select artists for showcasing, or MC a showcase (which seemed to upset a few a while ago when I added a bit of Catskill "Shtick").

Prior to this commentary I had written to "the powers that be" out of courtesy. No response, as usual.

Most of the people that received my e-mail were quite supportive and in agreement. I don't want this to discourage anyone from attending who thinks it can be of benefit to them. Whether or not it will be would be best left to be answered by prior attendees. Some of which I have heard from.

As always I am delighted to be of any assistance I can to artists if they submit their work to me via mail. As you can see below many do. Just recently, as you see, Mustards Retreat, Modern Man, Emily Kurn, and more have done just that. All will be on TRADITIONS shortly as well. As the sign off says---stay in touch and stay well (if the mold at Kutshers does not get you---the food is good, though).

On a musical and positive note now:

Since there are many that go to Florida I have to tell you---MODERN MAN is appearing at the WILLOW THEATRE in --where else---Boca Raton, Florida on Sept. 30. The perfect venue for ASSISTED LIVING.

MUSTARDS RETREAT will be in the NY/CT area and will be joining me at the end of September on TRADITIONS.

ROD MacDONALD will be at THE TURNING POINT in Piermont New York on September 6 (tickets are almost gone)


We end today with the thought that Kutshers Country Club (can you believe that name---oich!! I could do a riff on assimilation) has seen better days. NERFA may also have. Me---I still see good days, NERFA notwithstanding, thankfully. The point is---a life and a career is made by honesty, openness, and one's own charisma.

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