Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Holiday Wishes and Comments

One has to start with sincere wishes for a Happy and Peaceful New Year--- La Shonah Tovah. Tomorrow being Erev Rosh Hashonah it would certainly ill behoove the host of Sunday Simcha not to wish this for you. In fact this coming show--September 16 will fit right into that mold with a wonderful guest who has supplied us with much material and has many nice comments about the program---Arthur Levy. Read below about his credits. As I say on the program---may you be inscribed in the book of life for another year---we need the listeners. Seriously---may it come to pass.

A thought or two about the September 11 commemoration as done on TRADITIONS this past Sunday.

This tragic day we know was spent in commemoration and the reading of names and, for the first time, allowing some readers personal thoughts to be added. It is hoped that the brief commemoration on TRADITIONS this past Sunday was meaningful---the magnificent voice of CAROL PONDER singing TAPS and I'LL BE SEEING YOU--all followed by 30 seconds of silence.

Sometimes, as it is said, less is more.

TABLETALK, as has been noted, has a wonderful guest on September 16. See below for that and rise and shine since it starts at 8 A M Eastern Time.

The purpose of this page has always been to give you updates and program notes (as the title states) and other commentary is relegated to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER. Playlists are on the page for that. All can be accessed on the right side of this screen.

I would urge you to check the videos--Paul Robeson on this page, Jon Stuart and FDR on THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER, and, sometimes, the more Jewish oriented ones on the PLAYLISTS page.

The final thoughts have to do with NERFA (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance). While I am not privy to the list of people that will be doing Main Showcases or Tri-Centric ones this year since I will not be attending---for many reasons---I congratulate them all and hope that it advances their careers. Which is what it all about---allegedly. I add, for them, that my intent in doing a radio program is to advance their careers as well and, at the same time, present a program that is unique in its presentation of material and the person delivering it. Always feel free to contact the program for inclusion of your talent and your efforts.

Again, congratulations on your selection and may you become the Federer of Folk Music. If that is your desire. Otherwise, just fulfill your desires as best you can as we all try to do.

One late addition: Go to THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER (click on the right side) for some videos of one of the guests that will once again be joining me on TRADITIONS in late September. For more information on SHARON KATZ AND THE PEACE TRAIN and her upcoming appearances in the New Jersey area check the THE ALMOST DAILY ROOSTER and get know her music in the videos there.

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