Wednesday, January 10, 2007


A few updates and highlights for the various programs:

TABLETALK: As you know if you have read the blogs Daniel Silva will be on Jan. 14. On Jan 21 the picture on the left explains it. Lee Sandstead, master photographer, lecturer, and art historian is my guest. He has taken pictures in the great museums of this world in addition to portraits, outdoor (landscape) photos, and events. The photo on the left is one he took at the Cincinnatti Museum of Fine Arts. He has been at the Metropolitan in NYC and all the great ones around the world.

You will learn much from his enthusiastic and knowledgeable presentation of photography, cameras, and ideas for photos. His website is

TRADITIONS: Erik Balkey is my guest on January 14. He will be opening for David Buskin ---a grand old friend and man of many facets--in a Jersey City performance. In addition--David may stop by--but if not he wants you all to know that Robin Bateau will probably also be on the bill that evening. Erik will tell us more on Sunday. And David will as well---if his color is good, he feels good, and the mood strikes him properly. Being a denizon of NYC he has trouble leaving his home turf. We must always understand and sympathize with Upper West Siders. Home is not only where the heart is but, also, where, the rent check goes.

SUNDAY SIMCHA: January 21 I am delighted to have Lori Nevias as my guest---and her family. Great stories and wonderful music. In addition---some great material from the Jewish Music Group. Our visit to Comedy Corner will be a real surprise---I guarantee offense to all via Don Rickles and other artists on the album--It Sounds Kosher to Me.

We shall also listen to some of Lenny---you know---Leonard Bernstein. We were on a first name basis if you did not know. I called him Lenny and he never called me.

Bottom Line--and it really is---hope you tune in to the eclectic weekend sound of WFDU. The right place on the left side of the dial.

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