Monday, January 15, 2007

Fund Raising February Premiums For Traditions & Sunday Simcha

The first 3 Sundays in February will be when I ask for your support on SUNDAY SIMCHA --Live in Studio---and also when Ron Olesko and I --together--will ask for your support on TRADITIONS.

Let me start with a few brief comments about SUNDAY SIMCHA.

Joy Katzen Guthrie

Margot Leverett & Klezmer Mtn. Boys

Pictures represent some of the generous premium offers that have been donated by some of the artists that you have come to enjoy on the program. In keeping with the tradition of the program they are offered to you for a contribution of $36.00 for a CD ---you know Double Chai. Old habits are hard to break so let us stick with tradition. The pictures are of Margot Leverett and the Klezmer Mountain Boys on right and Joy Katzen Guthrie on left. Supplies are limited.

I would add that your support in any amount will be appreciated and, frankly, you will be supporting programming that you care about. You know, certainly, that Jewish programming is something you will not find on the radio dial today except in rare instances---and WFDU is that rare instance. WFDU as all places has bills to pay and technology to keep up with and since it is a non commercial station --except for the Milady's Blintzes I push--listeners have to support the station and the programs. Those programs that are not supported are in jeopardy. Which means a listener's favorites are in jeopardy.

On a positive note let me just say that I am sure that you don't need premiums to support this program. So when February rolls around do call me on those first 3 Sundays or pledge via e mail to the program and let us keep company for another "freylach" year. Alevai!!


Little Toby Walker

Let me now turn to TRADITIONS where Ron Olesko and myself will be asking you to keep the longest running program---27 years now---on the air heading for another 27--at least. Here are just a few pictures of the artists that we have featured on the program and have generously donated premiums to this program. I once again say that I am sure that premiums are not what keep you tuned to the program---a love of the music and the presenters (I hope) are what do that. I won't repeat what I said above about the station and the importance of it and the programming. You already know that. All premiums--$40.00 for one and $75.00 for two. I am sure that premiums are not your motivation in supporting the program but we like to think of them as a nice "thank you" gift to a family member.
As said--any amount will be appreciated by us and by you for having Traditions and Bill/Ron to kick around for another 27 years---well, not 27 in my case anyway. But don't consider it a farewell gift yet---my doctor has DR orders only for "air times"-you know---Do Resuscitate. Other times DNR
Kim /Reggie Harris / Kate Campbell/ James Durst

Finally let me just end with hoping for support for the programs and you can call us during the 1st 3 Sundays in Feb. It will be a delight to hear from you. You can also pledge via e mail to our e mail addresses--or if you would like to see a list of the premiums I would be happy to e mail them to you. Just write to the addresses below and request a premium list (remember all supplies are limited):

But, as I said, I am sure you feel strongly enough about both programs that a premium is not your priority.

Best of all will be to call us at 201 692-2012 in Feb. or drive by with an armored car and drop off a sack of money----or Shekels for Simcha (we'll convert them).

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