Friday, January 19, 2007

TABLETALK And A Few Other Updates

TABLETALK: While it is not yet confirmed I wanted to let you know that the brillaint author Calvin Trillin will, hopefully, grace this program on the 3d Sunday in February. I wanted to chat with him about his wonderful memoir---"About Alice".
A most moving memoir about his many years of marriage to "Alice". Or as the NY Times says: "..this walloping book".

I have a personal interest that I should state up front. Not financial. Personal. Very personal.
His telling of his life and his relationship is so closely akin to mine that I am hoping that he will share that with us all. Also, that he will be able to tell us how he can write this tome in an objective manner.
I , for one, am so moved by it and relate to it in many ways. Honesty, once again, The Bully Pulpit allows me to present these things---happily.
Due to a heavy travel commitment by Mr. Trillin this conversation is put on hold for the moment.

TRADITIONS: I am delighted to welcome to the program Kim and Reggie Harris.

They will be talking to us about their brilliant new CD---Get On Board (Appleseed Recordings).

It is always such a delight to be able to have these meaningful artists on the program. It is what I think this program and "radio" should be all about. They will also be joining me for SUNDAY SIMCHA as we near Passover along with Rabbi Jonathan Kligler, to reflect on the community that we all share with regards to slavery, celebration, and a joint community of interest.


SUNDAY SIMCHA: A no guest program today---but a preview of some of the generous premiums that have been offered by some of the artists that we are priviliged to play on this program--and also---

Comedy Corner--as always. A few insults by our favorite "insulter" --Don Rickles and a lot more.

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