Monday, January 22, 2007

Fund Raising February on Traditions and Sunday Simcha

Ron Olesko w/ Vance Gilbert
Bill Hahn w/ Margot Leverett & Klezmer Mtn Boys
Both Ron and I are sure you want to support the TRADITIONS program and that premiums are not your main concern. I had written that earlier, but a thank you gift is always nice to have. That also goes for my Sunday Simcha Program.
We are able to offer you a CD from the list below for a pledge of $40.00 with discounted CDs for larger pledges. We will announce that on the air. For SUNDAY SIMCHA the pledge is $36.00 (you know--double Chai).
We hope you will be calling us to make your pledge during the 1st 3 Sundays of February. You can also pledge to us now by e mailing us at either:
We will just need a mailing address and the amount of the pledge.
Now for a list of the premiums that many of generous artists have donated for this event:

Kim/Reggie Harris Get On Board 2
Hot Soup Hot Soup 3
David Massengill Christmas Stories/Songs 1
David Massengill Stories and Songs 1
Kate Campbell For The Living of These Day 1
Kate Campbell Songs From the Levee 1
Kate Campbell Blues & Lamentations 1
James Durst Internationally Unknown 5
Little Toby Walker Toby Walker Plays Well
With Others 3
Scott Ainslie Feral Crow 1
Rosalie Sorrels My Last Go Round 2
James Talley Nashville City Blues 3
Cosy Sheridan Live At Cedar House 1
Erica Wheeler Almost Like Tonight 1
Cohen & Radcliffe Four Hands No Waiting 2
Tom Chapin In The City Of Mercy 1
Lara Herskovitch Juror # 13 1
The Mammals Departures 1
Roger McGuinn Treasures from the Folk Den 1
Burns Sisters Wild Bouquet 1
John Jacob Niles An Evening With..... 1
Gillette & Mangsen Being There 1
Sloan Wainwright The Song Inside 1
Work O The Weavers Live in Concert 1
Cooper / Nelson / Early The Only Dance We Know 1
Cooper / Nelson /Early Hearts Re turn 1
Cooper/ Nelson/Early Return No More 1
Susan Kane So Long 1
Eve Goldberg A Kinder Season 1
Holly Near /Ronnie Gilbert Lifeline Extended 1
David Ross MacDonald Knuckled Brass & Bone 1

Joy Katzen Guthrie Joy Katzen Guthrie 9
The Klezmatics Wonder Wheel 1
The Klezmer Mtn Boys 3
Work O the Weavers Live In Concert 1
Supplies for all the items are, as you can see, limited. The early pledgers capture the worms---or CDs.
Any pledge---small or large will garner the same vote of thanks from Ron and from myself and you can also thank yourselves for keeping programming such as this on the air and vibrant as it has been for some 27 years for TRADITIONS
and over 2 now for SUNDAY SIMCHA (TABLETALK has been around now for over 6 years)

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