Friday, February 2, 2007


As you can see by the header that sounds like one of those Spam things that are inundating us all. But in this case it is not Spam or a shell game. It is just a reminder and an update about the fundraising efforts on WFDU. Unlike other stations --from the majors to other university sponsored minors we come to you but once in any year. Even then for a brief 3 week period.
Is it annoying ---you bet. Is it needed==you bet. Can we shorten the pitch time on our programs---you bet. Here is how---e mail these addresses prior to Sunday Feb. 4 to pledge to either of these programs and we will eliminate 10 minutes of "pitching" for every pledge over $25.00 we receive.

For Sunday Simcha:

We will be talking to you on Sunday about the importance of keeping the station technically current. The technology changes so rapidly these days. There was a time when 10 years or so elapsed between major innovations. Do you recall color TV and its novelty---and how long that came to fruition? Back in the 1900s it took even longer for new innovations to occur. Today---hey, don't blink your eye or the world has changed.

I am not going to give you a list of the upgrades needed at the station--- (aging transmitter problems, digitization, HD radio (multi channels). Frankly---you don't care and neither do I. What we care about is programming---and that is what I want to talk to you about now.

Fyvush Finkel---Guest on Sunday Simcha

Sunday Simcha: On Sunday I will tell you not only that we have been honored by his presence on the program and also by other notables such as---Mike Burstyn, Zalmen Mlodeck and more.

More important is that---to my knowledge---this is the only Jewish oriented program on the Metro NY/NJ/CT airwaves. Think about it. All those years when there were so many. Now it is left to WFDU (appropriately enough in Teaneck, NJ) to keep this programming alive and vibrant.

It is almost 2 years now that I have taken over the programming and the historic title "Sunday Simcha" that so many of you remembered from the WEVD days. That younger folks liked because of its more modern take, with a nod to our most illustrious past. You have come to expect Comedy Corner with our great Jewish Comics (and some great others that touch on the human condition), new Klezmer, old Yiddish theater, and a wonderful new bevy of material from places like The Milken Archives and the Jewish Music Group.

Let us be frank now--no--don't change your name to Frank for business reasons---WFDU is eclectic. Unlike other stations on the left side of the dial--or anywhere else for that matter. As I say ---The Eclectic Weekend Sound of WFDU. During the week you have some mainstream eclecticism (Blues, Country, Rock, Soul, etc;). Overnights you have Gospel. So--weekends you have interviews (Tabletalk), Folk and Topical music (Traditions--more later), and Sunday Simcha---the only Yiddishkeit on the air in this area.

The bottom line is that as much as the station management wants to keep this diversity it has to pay for itself for obvious reasons. I doubt that you or I want to see "Yiddishkeit" leave the airwaves in this area. Or as Eric Bogle said in one of our promos---"and leave radio to Madonna and Prince all day--imagine that."
If Gospel and Celtic can be supported I am sure you can do your part to keep what you like here as well. Your requests--you know this--are always considered and honored.

Please call me during fund raising time--201 692-2012 or better yet--e mail There are premiums listed on this blog and also on scroll down to "specialty programs"'

Bill Hahn with Eric Bogle and band member

TRADITIONS: I am not going to repeat what I said above for Sunday Simcha. It applies in most part to TRADITIONS.
I will just add that Eric Bogle is one of the people that I and Ron Olesko have had the honor and delight to welcome to WFDU's longest running program---TRADITIONS. We have been able to be honored by the presence of emerging great artists and artists of great fame- Pete Seeger, Marjorie Guthrie, Kim and Reggie Harris, Tom Chapin, and ---you know--as I say--"the famous many others".
A little history of the program now. Ron started in some 27 years ago now while still a student at FDU. His creativity and dedication is something that I hope we all can emulate. I joined the good ship TRADITIONS at Ron's behest some 14 years ago now. So=-==Traditions is 27 ---I am only 14 (sounds like the libretto of the Pirates of Penzance).
Back to business now--which I try never to do as you know. TRADITIONS has the same issues as SIMCHA and other programs---in small type for obvious reasons----the ratings. The ratings---unlike commercial radio--are the dollars needed to maintain the operations. The programs that do stay---the others--well, I suppose there is a place where one can visit the remains and reminisce about them. I can think of a few off hand right now---as can you.
So---please do call us on Sunday---the next 3 Sundays 201-692-2012 or write and pledge


700WLW said...

HD Radio/IBOC causes adjacent-channel interference and has only 60% the coverage of analog. The HD channels are only low-bitrate streams of the same repetitive material. HD radios require dipole and loop antennas, and reception is still problematic. Consumers are not interested in this joke:

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way---multiple terrestial stations that can multiply their programming by 3 equal a close proximity to the variety of satellite radio with no expense to the listener.

One would hope, of course, that they offered the variety possible rather than what happened to the great promis of FM when it came out many moons ago. It became a commercial clone of AM.

Don't forget that satellite charges a fee and some channels have commercials---and for shareholders it is a disaster given the big bucks they pay their alleged "stars" and those who are not "stars" don't get paid at all.

On the technical side. I have heard the quality of HD radio on an HD receiver (obiviously)---quite excellent.