Tuesday, January 2, 2007

A Sunday Simcha update

The little guy does not seem to know that Hannukah is over. I have played the Klezmatics and all the other material and told him so. Did not help--he just keeps on partying.
Anyway, I hope you join me this Sunday as we have a Comedy Corner--well, let that be a surprise, and we also play some material from our guest of the many genres--Mark Levy. He was so well received so why not re-visit him again.
I hope you have been keeping up with the offerings at Folksbiene (National Yiddish Theater). Some great efents happening there.
Many of our artists have kindly sent in some of their recordings to offer for our upcoming fundraiser in February. I am sure that you do not need that to support keeping programs such as this available in this shrinking world of options and diversity. But, a thank you gift is always nice and our artists are generous.
You can vote as to which picture you like better---mine or the "little guy". WARNING---he has a temper--best vote for him.
A PS here---don't forget--the playlist for Jan 7 is below the 12/31 one.
I should add that you can also listen on the web:
A whole new world for us Luddites. Perhaps you are not one of us.

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sweetE said...

The "little guy" is adorable. You might get a benelovent vote or two if you resort to a little kvelning. Then again, your picture has a certain appeal, too. A campaign is in order....