Monday, January 1, 2007

Some other things you will find on this "Blog".

Besides the playlists for Sunday Simcha I am hoping to update you on the interesting people that will be appearing on Tabletalk during the year--and of the special programs we shall also air. Programs such as the Capitol Steps quarterly comic reviews. Truly clever works. Guests for Traditions that I will have on the program will also be noted.

The playlists right now are out of sequence. The one for January 7 is already up and is below the Dec. 31 list. Rather than re-posting it you can scroll down to find it.

Thank you for all the nice comments about the Sunday Simcha program and also your wonderful feelings about our guests. Mark Levy, it should be pointed out, is a multi-faceted artists that covers many genres and is not as young as some might have suspected. Age does not, in my opinion, denote a person's knowledge or maturity.

I hope you check in from time to time and please feel free to leave any comments you might have. Many of you know my e mail address and please feel free to write and make requests, give opinions, and anything else that is legal.

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