Friday, January 5, 2007

A Sunday Simcha, Traditions, Tabletalk Update

Sunday Simcha first. A bevy of wonderful material has arrived that I will start playing and presenting to you starting on January 14. One piece I am hoping to get your opinion on. How do you feel about a new style for traditional pieces? You will see what I mean.
A trip into some nostalgia from this material is also on the agenda. In addition a guest will be welcomed on the program. A budding songwriter and performer of, not only, Jewish music but also music that speads to our emotions about life. For those of you who are listeners to my other program --Traditions--- let us see how that stacks up with regard to Kate Wolf.

I am still delighted at the wonderful response to Fyvush Finkel and Mark Levy. More guests--as I say on TABLETALK--of interest are on the way to SUNDAY SIMCHA.

Nearing Passover--later in the year-- we shall have a visit by Rabbi Jonathon Kligler as well as Kim and Reggie Harris. This is something you do not want to miss. The communal bond our communities share will be explored in their wonderful recording.

Now--on to TRADITIONS:

On January 28 Kim & Reggie Harris will once again grace the program. I am so delighted that they will be here to do some live music and also introduce their brand new Appleseed Recording to us on that day.

Kim and Reggie, along with their many time collaborators Magpie truly represent, to me, what this music and is about. Rhythm and Meaning. My new entry for a bumper sticker contest that can describe this genre of music. I don't mean to make light of it---it is sincere. Rhythm --the beat---and meaning--something that should be said and has import.

A few last thoughts--one performer (and I will feature more in other "notes"" that goes back a long way with me and I hope you have also been intrigued with is Kate Campbell:

Back in in about 1999 I had the wonderful experience of meeting Kate for an interview while she was touring this area---North East U.S.

I was skeptical when I saw the cover of her album---listen to my inteviews with her and you will know what I mean. In fact, she is the consumate artist. Her music has captured history, life, religion, you name it. To this day I am still amazed how her music evolves and her newest piece of work---which I have featured on the program--For The Living of These Days is just such a moving piece of work. From recordings such as Moonpie Dreams to this and a stop in between to have a piece about Joe Louis' Furniture shows the consumate artist she is.

There is "pop" and there is music with meaning. Thankfully, Kate is in the latter and I hope that she keeps up all the wonderful work she has done and joins us many times on TRADITIONS.

There are some other people I would like to mention---let' save that for later.

But here are a few shots:

Sharon Katz w/ Bill Julie Gold at WFDU w/ Bill

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