Wednesday, January 21, 2015


It certainly has been some time since my last comments on this page and, certainly, a lot has happened in the world, the nation, and in my not so humble existence.  Let me start with a few recent events that I am noting here and not on Facebook since that place seems overloaded with people who vanity problems and want to publicize their last bowel movement---kind word for was funny on "Married w/ Children "on TV.    So, recent events.   Recently moved to L I . More on that lush island later.    I joined the local JCC since I have heard, and rightfully so, how good it is for your health to be involved with social events.   Today I was invited to join in a discussion group.   There was a time when I had discussions that had results.   Being on my library board,  meetings at my radio station etc;.  Here,  it was a discussion that went nowhere with people bloviating to hear their own voices at great volume.   Well. the good part is I met some folks that I probably won't see again---except for one person who I knew before and who commented "..does  no one ever get to a point..."   Right on!

To be brief I will just add one more thought to this missive that has not been published in while.   Allow me to mention my 2 radio programs (there were 3 but TABLETALK is gone at my request---too much work and no staff) .SUNDAY SIMCHA and TRADITIONS.   It is a joy to be able to keep doing them and my thanks to WFDU for allowing such wonderful "free form" rado to still exist in this wasteland of mediocrity and sameness

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sweetE said...

Hey Bill,
Sorry to read that you are unhappy with your current address and the ramifications. The good thing is that you still have a voice. I wept when you played "Crazy In Alabama" by Cate Campbell, albeit twice last Sunday. Wish you and I could have been honest. All the best. Don't allow this post. Ellen