Thursday, December 11, 2014


It certainly has been a while since the last mostly unappreciated or redundant commentary that you care about.  But, if you are reading this I do appreciate it.

Let me start with the change of venue in my life.  It has been a source of great upheaval and depression for me.  Hard to give up 50 years of an area that was, to me, home with beautiful surroundings,  acquaintances, and scenery.   I am now in Long Island---South Shore.  Not to denigrate it since many people abide here and, surely, love it.  To me;   An awful place that is totally without charm or scenic beauty.   Interestingly, most people who as where  I came from ask me "why"---they all seem to comment of the beauty of my former place.     I have the answer but even that makes me realize that one can make big mistakes (and irreversible ones) in one/s life.

Now; on to more positive things.   The good thing is technology.  Yep, technology.  Where I was able to get to the radio station  (WFDU)  in about minutes this is no longer possible.  Yet, technology allows me to record my programs at home.  I miss the live inter-action with listeners but e mail does supplant that problem.  So,  the shows will continue with your wonderful support.  The interviews will also shortly  proceed.   Speaking of interviews.  If you ever want to hear some of the older ones from  TRADITIONS (some fascinating artists when they started---and Dave Van Ronk---not when he started but, rather, comments of thing that were surely misrepresented in the Coen Bros. film_ ) 

 One or two final things.   Some recent films I have to mention which I may have commented on the program----

Love Is Strange---not to be missed.   For ever so  many reasons not the least are the brilliant performances by the featured actors and the whole subject matter.

Elsa & Fred---what a delight.  I related to the first half and not to the second half, which I truly enjoyed on its own.

All In The Family---a bit off the beaten track on this subject.  Having heard the interviews wit Norman Lear recently I decided to revisit some of those episodes and, as he said, they were not only wonderful but truly classic TV.  They changed the landscape of television with their topicality and wit.  While, in the interviews, the names of the actors never came up I am so impressed by the talent of Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton(who,to me, stole the show).  I am always amazed now Mr. O'Connor went on to create a whole new persona as a Southern Sheriff  after the disaster of his doing a truly awful coda to the earlier success with "Archies Place"

Well, as they say---whoever they are ---see you on the radio.

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