Saturday, October 18, 2014


It has been a while since the last post and a lot has transpired during that time.  Many of you probably know that the Sunday Simcha programs have been "encore" presentationsFancy term for repeats.  But we are now back on schedule for both Simcha and Traditions.   Traditions will, once again, have my presence on 10/26 and Sunday Simcha on 10/19 and the usual schedule returns.

On a personal note.  The reason for the hiatus was my moving from Rockland County to Nassau County.  More about that in a moment.    It created electronic problems that precluded my presenting the programs. Thanks to the staff at WFDU all these issues are now resolved and I am able to continue with the programs and hope for your e mail input.   A whole new and wonderful electronic world.  I, also, have to thank my co-host on Traditions  for his gracious coverage during all this time.

As mentioned earlier I would comment  on the move from Rockland County to Nassau County.   OK.   Brief thought---don't  leave heaven for something better.  It does not work.  My move was for the right reasons (having to do w/family and aging).  I know that people who have lived here are delighted with their surroundings.   Rightfully so.  But a few things to think about---costs, surroundings, and community.   Prices for everything (from taxes, food, etc;) are a fraction in Rockland County.   The views in S. Rockland (I can only speak for 0rangetown) are spectacular compared to  LI South Shore-=--there I had Clausland Mtn. and here I see Mt. Garbage---some dump they have converted into a hill covered w/ grass.   Supermarkets and taxes.  Nuff said about that.     

I could now write a whole riff on the "gated" community where I  now reside . I felt just as secure in my  former house and, frankly, who would want to enter this area that reminds me of Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World".   

Enough of that as I now plan to leave my unlocked abode to find any activity availale in the new version of an Aldous Huxley novel.

On the bright side I have had the support of my daughter in this transition and that of the the folks at WFDU in helping me set-up all the electronics to permit me to continue in the radio moments I love and hope you enjoy.

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