Saturday, June 28, 2014

Random Ramblings

Some random ramblings of , as the song says, these things are on my mind.  OK, I purloined the line from Pete Seeger on a much bigger issue---"These Three Are On My Mind", This is the anniv. of Freedom Summer and it will be duly noted and remembered on TRADITIONS on 7/6.

Back to the random rambling.   I finally did my second garage sale in 40 years---the first netted about $20 and about 2 shoplifters.  I promised myself never again.  Today I succumbed to clean out the garage and I do believe we live in affluent times for some folks.   Opening at 9 AM the 1st person showed up at 10:30 and purchased a butterfly net for $2---should have kept it and used it so someone would commit me for this inanity.   My 2d patron (and his mother) came about 11:45.   Truly a sad case or I am the sucker of the day.   He asked me how much I wanted for a beach chair I had---I said $2 and we settled for $1 which is when I realized he seemed to have no money since his mother  (he was in his 40s, it seemed) paid.  He then wanted some 75 feet of electrical wire I had(heavy duty) and he offered $1 and did not have enough change---I let him have it anyway and gave his mother a gift of some baskets I had.   That ended my disaster of a sale.  Never again.   I do wonder if he was good at pleading poverty while driving a fairly late model van.   Yet, I felt for the man and tried to do a little good.

Everything now is at the curb FREE for the taking and even there no takers. There was a time---oh well.  Monday the trash (sanitation folks for proper nomenclature) will, hopefully, take it all away.

 For a few more ramblings---
    Dick Cheney on Charlie Rose.   Charlie Rose did better than I have ever seen him do given the Cheney intransigence.   The Jon Stewart characterization of him is even more true to his image than a characterization should be . 
    Not that I want to make recommendations for people to contact for Real Estate agents or contractor I do have to say that I have run into some people who truly care about the "client" even when there is not a thing that will benefit them but just care about how "you are doing".   On request.
    Back to the programs---a truly funny (by request) Sunday Simcha on 7/6 and on Traditions that day we commemorate the holiday in a comical way along with the usual features and some brilliant new material.    Don't miss Hour 2 (3 PM now) for some remembrances of your favorites---again, more requests.
    One last thought about Sunday Simcha.   I hope many of you viewed the CBS show on Sunday a few weeks back.  What a wonderful segment on Fyvush Finkel and how delighted I was to have had the honor of having him on the program and also of driving him home after a show in his honor.  A real gem of a gentleman who is still going strong w/ great talent and humor.
     So, of course there has to be a final thought about Traditions and the fact that back in 1999 Mary Gauthier was my guest.  I found her to be the most honest and open person in our interview which started with her recording of "Drag Queens & Limousines".  Biographical.   I saw her a few years later in Rockland County and I asked her to stay over at my place to save hotel bills. She did.  Now she is a huge success and I am so delighted.  I just heard her about a week ago on WNYC on Fresh Air w/ Terry Gross---still honest and open.  A delight.

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