Thursday, May 8, 2014


Might as well start with what is on my mind at this time.  I am thinking back to the era of Joe McCarthy.   I, truly, never knew what a subject of his vendetta was and felt like.  On a very small scale---a very small scale I now understand it.    Listen to this piece of music from a very talented performer (not me in the pic) who has made some wonderful documentary films espousimg the situations of needy and ignored people in 3d world nations.   Listen to the piece but do realize there was commentary by me after it aired.  Without that you may not realize what it is about. BUT if you do listen you will figure that out on your own.   Sadly, some "sort of " listeners to WFDU and TRADITIONS do not.  They write letters.  Letters that miss the point because they do not understand the metaphor---or do not want to.  Granted, you do have to hear my commentary afterwards which the letter writer did.  WFDU did not and did not hear the song before banning me from the air for 2 weeks.   Let us now think  back to the first sentence.  

As to the letter writer---to whom I responded as I do to all our correspondents.   Seems he escalated it to the station management after that reply.   Sadly, they never listened to the song or the comments afterwards prior to issuing their McCarthy like decision..

Well,. at least I am in good company. Think back to Pete Seeger and The Smothers Bros.  If you are to young there is always Wikipedia and Google.

See you in June on TRADITIONS again in June---Phil Ochs will be played proving this point once again---Love Me I'm A Liberal.   Hypocrisy , sadly, in this world abounds.    Best to close this now since there are so many other issues that one could comment on---one I would truly love to discuss---

How did we become the nation and power we are given all the controversies we spawn on any subject.  

Locally, Nationally, and Regionally.  

By the way--Locally.   Have heard a few of the issues in Orange County NY regarding Kiryas Joel.  Do not get me started on that.   One comment--Rockland County  and school districts in Ramapo.  Enough said.

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