Saturday, May 10, 2014


I know that followers of this blog are not vast.  They are, however, meaningful. In thinking of that I thought this might be a good time to think about the various programs I do or have done and the folks that have either been on  them or their recordings.   I suppose it is a good thing to do when you have some time off---as I seem top have for a few weeks.  

TABLETALK--a program I did for over 6 years until I found the producing of it too much for my personal schedule.   I will always recall all the wonderful people who came over for conversations---just a few: Michael Oren (Israeli ambassador), Myra Alperson(Nosh Walks), Zora Neal Hurston's Bio author, A ride up the Hudson on a Fireboat and a chat with the captain,  John Forster,and ever so many more.  
                     My thanks to them and to so many others for all their conversation and interest in coming over to WFDU and myself for some really interesting conversation.  It has always made me feel we were on an equal level with so many more prestigious outlets than this humble place.

SUNDAY SIMCHA---What can I say about this program?   I have learned much from my audience via their requests.   I have also been honored by having some great iconic talents on the program.  To name drop a few---Theo Bikel, Zalman Mlotek, Mike Burstyn, Fyvush Finkel, the Producers of Shlomo,the musical,and, you know---the famous many others.  As to my audience.   I do love them and their requests that teach me about things I knew not of.  No names mentions but---Hackensack is a hot spot for that.  So  is Bronx, NY.
TRADITIONS---What can I say  other than it is, to me, the treasure trove of what I like to call "meaningful Music" and hope that it stays that way .  Over 20 years now.    A few guests to mention of the many I have had the pleasure and honor of having on the program---
 Dave Carter/Tracy Grammar, Kate Campbell, Buskin/Batteau,Mary Gauthier, Carolyn Hester, Judy Collins and ever so many more.   I could tell stories about so many of them and our great conversations.  I did forget one memorable one--Noel Paul Stookey.    There was only on interview in over 20 yrs that ended with each of hanging up the phone on each other in anger.   Nuff said there.   You will have to figure that out since all the rest is positive and that is how this should be received.As to meaningful music.  Let us hope it will continue as it always has on TRADITIONS.   It will, as far as I am concerned.  Musicians that I may agree with or disagree with will still get the airplay that a free society deserves.

As to nostalgia---hard to believe that so many years have passed over the bridge (and no tolls---hooray) ---some 20 years now.

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