Saturday, September 28, 2013


  It has been a while but it is time for some more, as said, ill afforded, brain droppings.  After all, there is only so much of that small organ that can be spared.   Let me start with some thoughts on Medical/Prescription insurance.

I am truly amazed at Rx insurance (under Medicare).   Perhaps the statements that are sent to the recipient (me) should be more realistic or, perhaps, big Pharma gets a better deal than an individual.  No surprise there.    Here is an example---Omeprizole  (for me) co-pay 20.00 copay, United Health (carrier) .85.   I asked the pharmacy how much this costs for a 90 day supply without insurance------$485.00.   Seems like United Health gets a hell of a good deal---or they send out silly statements.

Which brings me to the strangely named "Obamacare".   It may well be the blessing that no one admits to.  Think about it.   There is mandatory car insurance.   Forget collision---liability.   The medical costs for the uninsured cost us all many dollars in ER admissions, Medicaid when the money runs out for individuals, etc;  Surely, Medicare and Social Security had its critics and now, I believe, we all appreciate its creation.  In hindsight I do believe that "Obamacare" will also become one of those things that will be appreciated and one of his legacies.  It will be tweaked as many things are but the bottom line is that it will be there.  The, as was said in an earlier era, "knowthings" not withstanding.

One other "serious" thought.  There was a time when we so highly regarded higher education that certain places charged no tuition.  Think of CCNY of many moons past. Today we not only have exorbitant tuition charges (and even CCNY has a tuition charge--a smaller one) and, yet, there is deference or preference paid to the wealthy.   Having read the article in the NY Times (magazine) today I am shocked to find such preference.   Needy applicants are denied aid while the wealthier ones are granted aid and admission.   Seems like a sad real life ending to an old joke about the prostitute working for the Salvation Army and said we are for the needy and not the greedy.

Now---on a lighter note.   I do hope you will be tuning in to my 2 programs---SUNDAY SIMCHA & TRADITIONS.   I have some great guest coming up on TRADITIONS--check the Facebook page.  SUNDAY SIMCHA has garnered many e mails and requests and they are appreciated and honored.  Let me now add a Yiddishism for that---a Mechia---OK--such a pleasure.  Someday I will tell you how I came to do this program and how it has grown on me and on the station---and, how I loved Tabletalk but, for personal reasons, had to ease up the schedule a bit.

A last thought in this long piece.   My thanks to WFDU for being so open in its allowing what might be called "freeform" radio today.   Over 20 years now.  That is how long I have been there and done various program---TRADITIONS (my thanks to Ron Olesko) being the first.  Since this is not an obit (yet) let me add another Yiddishism to end this for the future of many years more on the programs---Alevai.


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