Friday, August 9, 2013

More Than Brain Droppings This Time---Deep Thoughts (Sorry Jack Handy for using the title)

A few days ago a fellow I know posted a link on Facebook for a video of Pete Seeger memorializing is wife on Freedom Now (the radio program ---and I guess video)   It was truly moving and I respect him for doing it and also for what he did on the rest of the program---his involvement with Native American causes.  Pete Seeger was married for almost 70 years to Toshi. she died shortly before that event.  He spoke of her strength and guidance and her talent in her own right.  

This all brings me to a personal memorial or, perhaps, remembrance of the lady that was married to me for 36 years and died at the tender age of 56.   It was a long sentence.  I could have said, " wife.."  Sounds too possessive.  I doubt Pete would have used that term.   Anyway, there is that great cliche about "behind every man there is a woman"--a strong woman(?).  If, as in Pete's case the spousal part helped him into his creativity and work I have to say so did my late wife.  

Whereas I may well have dawdled in the doldrums of everyday life she was always in search of an adventure.  Always getting jobs and connecting with people in a major way.   How, then, could I consider even staying in those doldrums?   She liked Opera, Shows, and more.  I mention that for one reason only.  I was quite narrow in that respect and went along---I liked Folk Music.    This brings me to the way she changed my life---her open mindedness.  She created a wonderful event for my 50th Bday. featuring The Sloop Singers.   It changed my life.  From there I was able to create some concerts that featured them and thanks to her telling me we needed a "name" we got Tom  Chapin.   Well,  more on that another time.  5 years of annual concerts led to my arriving at WFDU (I do want to acknowledge Ron Olesko for welcoming me aboard) after her untimely and too early demise.  

There are more tales and stories but the point, to me,. of publishing this is to recall and remember the greatest influence in my life.  One has to be thankful for the long  years that Pete had with Toshi and I can only be thankful for the short time I had w/---her name was Myrna.   I have a friend who is now 90 and his wife passed on about 2 yrs ago---he, too, has to count those blessings of so many years.  He does.  

Hopefully, you tune in to WFDU from time to time and get a sample of my 2 or 3 programs.   There is not a day that I do not attribute thoet to my late wife.  

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