Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Some Updates and Memorandums Not Always About The Music

Is it memorandi?   Let me know.

A request from some listeners to TRADITIONS to add a Comedy Corner to the program along the lines of SUNDAY SIMCHA has been made and I will certainly be honoring it.  It will start on 5/12 with some material from The Smothers Bros., Alan Sherman, and Modern Man.   It will be oriented for a more diverse audience than the every loyal Sunday Simcha folks.   Here is something along the line of humor that will not be on the program---truly some brilliant material and the kind of thing we no longer see on what is now truly---the boob tube.

So, a few brain droppings now.  Merely random thoughts along the lines of Nobody Asked Me But...

1) If you are from New Jersey would it be "nobody axed me....'?
2) Privacy.  I went to my local ATM machine and it said the team wishes me a Happy Bday.  I never knew I had a team and since I do why are they not sending me some cash from their vast stock. If they sent it I would keep it and, as Charlton Heston said---they would have to pry it from my cold dead hands.  OK--I care not about guns.  Dollars---whole other thing.
3) Do we ever wonder about where our clothing is made?    A recent survey showed that people chose, when the price was equal, the items that were made in humane conditions (there were signs next to each item).   Sales fell off when prices went up on the "humane" items.    The supply chain is long but, perhaps, one should ask the major marketers---you all know who they are---to investigate their supply chain.  Does alleged fashion have to equal death and poverty for y'all (love the southern dialect) for style.
4)What a delight and wonder to have a new non-powerful king in Belgium to collect many ducats to be there.
5) Deanna Durbin died.   Those of you of a certain age may recall her---me, all deaths are sad but I do not think it worthy of a great obit  in the NY Times.
6) I do believe, since we speak of obits, a clip from someone who was a giant and who I and Jerry Treacy (WFDU) hade the honor of chatting with years back at The Great Hudson River Revival (Clearwater)\

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