Sunday, April 14, 2013


In fact it is rather hard to spare these brain droppings since I have only a limited supply of them and it is running short.   That said, there are a few things I really want to mention and we start by keeping it in a musical vein and then  move on---

Hopefully, you were tuned in today to TRADITIONS and our celebration of Tom Lehrer's 85th Bday.   Aside from the wonder of this artist I am amazed as how topical his music (and it is gentle satire) is to this day.  As is the music of Phil Ochs.  It says more about our society and humankind  and the intransigence it has for unity and civility.

Another musical note is the big fanfare for the song by Brad Paisley about Racism.   Pure nonsense. It only works with the aid of a "rapper" when there is a perfect song that, frankly, I and mainstream media, do not give airplay---Grant Peeples--Nigger Lover.  Say the words and then listen to the song---it is amazing.   It is also a hell of a lot more meaningful.     I will air it if enough of you make requests---see how cowardly I am. .Due to the title. It misleads us about the content.

As to non-musical comments I do want to mention and mourn the passing of one of the great comics and wits of our time---Jonathan Winters.   I cannot commemorate him on the air due to format but for those of you old enough to recall his work you surely recall his genius.  For those too young and only remember his role on Mork & Mindy that is too bad--- a sad coda for a creative consumate artist.  Perhaps, in a positive note, he was trying to help his protege (Robin Williams) on a failing show.

On a personal note I want to mention how saddened I was to see the piece in the NY Times today regarding the Bronx and the "crashing" of the justice system there.  I grew up there and had always hoped that it would recover.  I thought that, to some extent, it had.  I won't go into the piece in the NYT  but it certainly makes one wonder.   It also makes you realize that "justice" does not work equally there or in Manhattan (for example).   Forget Law & Order.    Once again one has to wonder how we, as a nation or as a state got to where we are given the division and pandering to self interest.

Finally, it brings me to my growing up in a "bubble" that I have created in my thinking recently.   It was a time of reasonable (for the time) medical insurance, Social Security on the horizon, and schools that were safe and the fear of mass killings seemed non-existent.   Times do change.  Now, it seems, that the above items are all in play.    Sometime I will post another piece of those fond memories but for the meantime let us leave that thought stand and realize that  things do not have to be the way they are.    Yes, life was simpler then.   Perhaps that is part of the problem.  Perhaps alleged progress is part of the problem.  The bottom line (now I realize how effective was the naming of that defunct bistro) is that are we to allow us to be less involved with every new technology that comes down the pike and every new fad and focus more on core and simple values that seemed to have strengthened us before.  They have also instilled our core values in us.    Instant gratification as delivered by electronics is not part of that.  Diplomacy amongst nations is hurt by all this as well---but, that is another topic.   Thought and patience is required in our new and multi media world.

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