Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Then again they they may not be.  Don't you believe that if the Bluebird of Happiness craps on your head that it is a good thing?   Brain Droppings are not all that good compared to the leavings of that little fellow.

Let's start with some of the serious stuff.   I was delighted to see that NY State (under Gov. Cuomo ) passed the most stringent gun control laws in the nation.   Even that has its problems but it is, at least, a start to rid this nation of totally unnecessary weaponry.  Of course there are factions that are upset.  One of them being people from the Mental Health community and then, of course, the usual suspects.  I don't know if the law puts penalties on people who own guns and do not keep them securely locked at home (especially if they have a ,mentally dysfunctional person in the home---think of Lanza of CT).   While I do have issues with invasion of privacy I certainly do not have any about people with guns.   A pistol with a permit because you are in a dangerous profession, carry valuables with you, etc; seems rational.   Assault weaponry does not.  Unless, of course, you are a member of a Seal Team and there are not all that many.

It seems that Google just does not get anything right other than "search".   Though they do have ownership of some really popular websites.   Facebook has not got anything right other than annoying users and disappointing investors (i.e. gamblers).  They do have one thing that could pull them out of that slump.  Search.   May well be the best way for them to go---since they have now gotten into every user's privacy why not capitalize on it?

The world and the technology changes.  I could not abide more than 30 min. of the Golden Globe Awards since after each award there were myriad commercials.   Some folks I know just recorded on DVR and bypassed the commercials.   Smart move---now, all they were left with were the nonsensical and meaningless moments of a ceremony that was only important to the participants.   One has to wonder why Corps. are so willing to pay big bucks for commercials that most people can now avoid.
By the way----did anyone really give a damn about Jody Foster and her sexuality or her speech?   I read about it.  Thankfully Family Guy was my escape mechanism. Fear not Seth McFarlane---it will be the same at Oscar time for me.

Back now to a serious moment.   Thinking back to The Holocaust and to the tragic years of Slavery in this country one has to ask why it is that now the tragic events in India (rape and murder), the brutalization of so many in various nations is now on our front burner when it never was before.   It is a good thing.  Perhaps we have learned some hard lessons.  One other question now.   The Congress (some members) question the need for the financial help to the areas in the North East that were savaged by the Hurricane (Sandy) because of our debt issues.  They see no issues in aid to foreign nations.   What is wrong with that picture.?

I am glad that the idea of coining a Trillion Dollar coin is off the table.   With my luck I would have gotten in change and then dropped into a vending machine.  

Time now to mention a few upcoming musical and radio program moments.  I do hope you will be tuned in to Sunday Simcha (10 A M  ET) and to Traditions this Sunday (3 P M ET) or on the web .  We commemorate Martin Luther King on both programs.  Some selections will surprise you.   On Traditions you will hear what is to me the most moving "Abraham Martin & John".   The artist will surprise you.   If you have an idea of who it might be just e mail me before the show airs and you will get a WFDU bumper sticker---quite a thrill is it not.   The e mail    Hope to have you listening that day---after all---RADIO---the theater of the mind and, unlike TV,  you bring your own images to what you are hearing.  The best part---NO COMMERCIALS at the Right Place On The Left Side OF The Dial.    Do you you still have a dial?  If you do then you probably have a rotary phone so---just hang on until someone gets to you.  Best to listen to Sunday SImcha and listen for the answer from David Buskin (Modern Man) on Hotline.

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