Saturday, January 5, 2013


A bit belated and not the usual column(blog) but, given the title we do have to flip the fedora as always to JIMMY CANNON for those who may wonder from whence came this title.  I will save you Googling (now a verb).   A long ago wonderful columnist for the NY Post (when it was still a newspaper and not a wrap for deceased fish.

These may well be New Year's Resolutions combined with personal thoughts of behavior for others--

Nobody Asked Me But......

1)  I must make efforts to be less judgmental amongst people I do not agree with
2)  It would be nice if people showed the courtesy I do (I believe I do) on the Tennis Courts when people we all know are waiting to play.
3)  Does having a conversation seem so disruptive to people on a tennis court?  Seems to me that conversation is part of the social interaction with people that are not the Pros they think they are. 
4)   I do have to relate the opinion that WFDU is the RIGHT place on the left side of the dial given the wonderful eclectic weekend sound of the station.  Admittedly, I am part of that but I refer you to the show that follows Sunday Simcha.  Not to be missed.   In the center of dial one does find WNYC and NPR but, honestly, their programs are not in competition to WFDU's in the time slots I speak of---cannot think of a slogan for the right place on the left and center of the now non existent dials.
5)  One does have to wonder about the over-use of some of these cliches in interviews.   Does nothing ever happen in daytime?   Only at  "...the end of the day.."   And never let us forget the ever wonderful "...Having said that..." (You said it---we know).  Many times Punditry = Bullshit.  
6)  In hindsight I now feel a bit sorry that I gave up doing TABLETALK.  Hearing Alec Baldwin doing almost the same program (albeit with bigger names) I realize  how many wonderful guests I had on the program over the years.   Given the size of this station and my own lack of fame we did end up with some great guests and some great conversations.  I thank them again for the honor of their presence.
7)  My annual year end (beginning) thanks to WFDU for the opportunity to still present what once was called Free Form Radio and for keeping --as the bumper sticker says---Yiddishkeit on the Air and, certainly, the ongoing tradition of TRADITIONS.  My thanks,again (or is it "At the end of the day"to my co-host on Traditions(Ron Olesko) for introducing me some 20 yrs back to the station.  And thanks to the Program Director who seems to use the same tailor I do.

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