Thursday, August 16, 2012

THURSDAY--Another Edition of.............

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon  as always---


1)            Psychologists and Psychiatrists have degrees in their specialties but, honestly, what does it really mean when I have yet to meet one (not professionally) that is not truly annoying and opinionated.   Professionally I did meet one years back---that ended rapidly when I realized exactly what was said above.   I do have a theory how to help people in need and it needs only a doctor who listens and cares and an Rx pad.

2)            The tragedy on Colorado is a prime example of Psychiatry and those problems.

3)            What a great delight find that there are people who still appreciate films that celebrate people of all ages without special effects---think Marigold Hotel, and such.

4)            I, once again, have to tip my never worn hat (or yarmulka) to WFDU for keeping Yiddishkeit on the air with Sunday Simcha---and how that came about. Story on request.  Talk about the right place on the left side of the dial----that is it—period.

5)            I highly recommend a wonderful “coffee table” book---Hirschfeld on Line.  It is a play on words but his work spanned almost a century and, frankly, amazing in how he captured the people he drew along with their “personas”.  He comments on all drawings---and also why “Nina” is so much a part of it.

6)            I still wonder why some authors---better than I, certainly, find a computer keyboard a detriment.   Frankly, this is better than typing and whiting things out.  I will add that I cannot stand lap tops and flat keyboards---us old timers need to touch type on a regular keyboard.

7)            I am still trying to understand why we would allow a person who kills and maims many the privilege of changing a plea to avoid a death penalty. I may or may not believe in the death penalty but I surely don’t want a murderer, who cares not whit about who he kills, to avoid his fate because he struck a deal.  His victims struck no deals---he decided. Let us decide and, in thinking of it, this is going to cost us taxpayers (as if that really matters to anyone) a lot more than his sudden demise.

8)            Great idea selecting Paul Ryan as VP running mate.  Now people can see the difference and also realize, at this late date, what a fiasco it was for McCain to choose Palin for all the wrong reasons.

9)            Palin, and her being chosen for the fiasco, must have set back the Woman’s movement many years---perhaps 100.  But, it did show that a nincompoop was thought able to be a heart beat away from the Oval Office and the “Button”.   Speaks volumes of McCain and his thinking. Geraldine Ferraro where were you when we needed you?

10)     Do Facebook people really believe they have friends as opposed to “friends”.   Best not to call them for an evening out to find out.

11)    Clever idea giving undocumented immigrants a temporary 2 year stay of the threat of deportation. When the 2 years are up the records are up to date and, I suppose, planes and boats are at the ready.   Am I missing something here or is this a really inspired “sting” operation?

12)    Yo Ho Ho---15 men on a dead man’s chest---the question is were they there when he was alive?  If so then they killed him.  Then again if it was his treasure chest they were on they probably killed him as well.  Just not sure to which chest the rhyme refers.


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