Thursday, August 2, 2012

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the fedora as always to Jimmy Cannon


1)                I  hope you saw the new Woody Allen film---To Rome With Love.  Frankly,  it is Woody Allen reliving his earlier wonderful moments in a creative and boring way---2 hours that seemed like 4.   Bless the cinematographer for bringing beauty to the mundane moment that is a re-hash of some clever stand-up moments.  Shoemaker, stick to your last.

2)                Jeff Daniels will be my guest (as an encore that is topical) on TRADITIONS this coming Sunday---please do join me.  What a multi-talented man this man is.

3)                Chick Fil-A is probably crap to eat in any case.  I do, however, agree with those who allow the founder his freedom of speech and rights.  Best thing is to avoid his chain (and heart burn along with nausea) and go eat in a healthier place and forget the political commentary.   By the way, if Gay folks want to eat there---well, there goes their longevity.    That should make him delighted.

4)                I am glad that I did not go into Advertising in the Mad Men days (as I had planned).   I doubt I could have changed with the times---from creative copy to internet intense items of one line.

5)                There is a problem in my mind in rationalizing the civility we heap on mass murderers (Aurora CO)  and the days of yore.   Today, inhuman things are done in countries---read Sharia law---to people with lesser offenses.   Might we not, at least, present a case to a court without lawyerly doubletalk and just present the facts and get the DAMNED thing over with.

6)                I am not great fan of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and their ilk and, while patient privilege is sacrosanct, it should only be sacrosanct to a point.  The “perp” in CO was under the alleged care---whatever the hell that means---of a Psychiatrist.  Either he was incompetent or he might have suspected how dangerous this crazed animal was.   Either way his silence speaks volumes of the specialty’s ineptitude or his own criminal negligence.

7)                Psychiatry on TV is about as close to real life as Law/Order, NYPD Blue  etc; are.   I hope one never has to find that out.

8)                I was saddened to hear about the death of the Pillsbury Doughboy.  Sad.  He is survived by his wife Jane Dough, a son—Play Dough, an annoying brother—Sour Dough and his single sister—Dill Dough.  The funeral was held last week at 3:50 and lasted only 20 minutes.   One of the causes of his death was over-poking the poor fellow which caused his little tummy to finally implode.

9)                Since you read my views on Psychiatry and the lesser members of that ilk I would add that it may well be that Facebook serves a better purpose.   People can let their personal thoughts and frustrations out and some of them are so off the wall that they do end up getting caught.

10)        Don’t tell that to Facebook.  They may want to charge a high hourly rate if they think they are “shrinks”.  That would be more profitable for their unhappy shareholders than the stock fiasco.  But, bright side, Mark Zuckerberg needs no benefit concerts for himself.

11)        But if you want to truly laugh out loud read the piece in this week’s New Yorker about Marriage invitations and weddings.  Better than anything I am capable of.  Which is why they get the big bucks---or any bucks and I strive for humor here and on radio.

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