Thursday, July 19, 2012

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon--


1)            There was a time when you could get on a subway train with a coin or a token and then a MetroCard. I doubt that they are collectible and I certainly think that having ads on them is over the top.   Whatever happened to just riding the subway or going to a ball park named after a team (or a locale)?  

2)            Here is another great thought for defacing public properties---Subways have gotten rid of graffiti (which, now, some consider art—go figure) so why not let each car be named for a corporation if they pay for it.

3)            On that subject I urge you to listen to a song by Modern Man on that very same subject. (The New Ball Game)

4)            Was it not simpler and better when kids tuned into radio programs at scheduled times for them rather than these all day marathons of nonsensical and less than creative programs today?

5)            Larry King has a new program on an unwatched cable channel which brings new meaning to the old saw---“..old soldiers never die---they just fade away (and smell that way).”

6)            Buying “forever” stamps from the Post Office may not be a great investment.   Who knew.

7)            What a delight to see that Pete Seeger (with David Amram) appeared in Bryant Park for his book release and signing---and also his wonderful interview with Brian Lehrer on WNYC.

8)            I am sure that there are some very good new TV programs out there.  I only wish I could find them. Since Mad Men left for the season I am having a problem.   Please do not say Newsroom.   Soaps are meant for daytime.

9)            I do hope you will be tuning in to TRADITIONS (3 PM ET at 89.1 FM—WFDU)(THE right place on the left side of the dial)  this Sunday as I remember both Dave Carter and Harry Chapin.  Memorable moments with memorable people.  By the way---we are also streaming the program on the web at

10)      Have you ever wondered if the price of tickets for concerts, Bway shows, etc; is truly in keeping with the inflationary rate?  Let me recommend local venues with the same great talent at a fraction of the cost.


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