Saturday, July 14, 2012

Things Rightfully Live On

July 14---today---it the anniversary of the birth of Woody Guthrie.  Who would ever imagine that a wandering (as it turned out) troubador (minstrel as Gilbert and Sullivan have it) would become one , if not the greatest, of influences in our musical history and, perhaps, in the nation's patriotic history.  Given his life and his adventures it also lead to the true definition of brotherhood, empathy, and understanding.

I am happy that my co-host, Ron Olesko, will be airing an interview he did with Marjorie Guthrie so many years ago.  A real coup.   Next week I will be remembering Woody just briefly given all the commemorations to date and on Sunday Simcha on 7/22 I will be featuring some of the wonderful music that has been re-worked and newly found in a Jewish mode.  By the Klezmatics.   On Traditions I will, as said, briefly be recalling him with some music from some rare old recordings featuring him and also Cisco Houston and Leadbelly.

Now---the legacy of Woody Guthrie continues through so many of our wonderful artists of today and, also, through the ongoing interest in his work and his persona.  One of the disciples is a person I have had on my program---TRADITIONS---is Rik Palieri.   Rik travels the world playing all kinds of music and has written a wonderful book which I had the honor to proof read.   For Woody's 100th commemoration he post this on Youtube (what is not there today?)  I think it something worth seeing---it is what Woody Guthrie was about.  Can you imagine what he would have done with the internet?

Please feel free to share this---as if I could stop you--with friends, relatives, and enemies---they will be uplifted.


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