Thursday, June 28, 2012

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the felt fedora to JIMMY CANNON---


1)                Is it really progress when there was a time when children had the hours of 5-7 PM for radio programming (adventure, etc;) and now they sit in front of various screens viewing who knows what and have to be monitored by parents?

2)                Aging is all well and good when you see it on the movie screen in a great film and not so great when you are not one of the actors playing those highly paid roles.  I do recommend the wonderful feel good film—The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel..  

3)                For more insight and depth---Shakespeare lives on.

4)                Have you ever wondered why there are comedians (comics) that need obscenity for the sake of obscenity?  Richard Pryor made points with and without obscenity; as did Lenny Bruce. Bill Maher is clever and could be even better if he did not need to interject his constant obscenities into the points he makes---Jon  Stewart and S. Colbert do not seem to need it to make the same valid points.

5)                Maybe it is age but I do find “schlepping” to these myriad festivals in Summer getting quite tedious.   I prefer now to stick to the one or two artists on a single bill at a local venue.  Artists that I, particularly, have an interest in seeing or hearing.

6)                When did political campaigns and conventions become non-events but just about dollars raised from interested parties?  Think of it.  If people thought for themselves and avoided commercial ads and actually heard proper debates intelligent choices might be made.  One has to posit that the masses are intelligent.  Questionable, given a book of years back that defined it (masses) as “the great “unwashed”.  

7)                Some things cannot be improved upon.  Gilbert and Sullivan come to mind.  I will admit the List song can be properly updated and that is about it. 

8)                The revival of South Pacific is, however, a whole different take on that.  The music and the presentation created a whole new interpretation. Think, particularly, of Happy Talk.

9)                If you have never been “stopped and frisked” then you cannot properly understand the indignity and the prejudice involved.  Polite or not.   If, however, you were in Nazi Germany in the 1930s you might understand.  Not to equate the NYPD with Nazis but the result, due to judicial decisions to date, equate to the same thing in a subtle way.

10)        Don’t forget to tune in to  Sunday Simcha on July 8 (actually, every week) because we will have an exclusive and extended COMEDY CORNER that features the CAPITOL STEPS  for the hour.  Their annual July 4 1 Hr. topical special---and exclusively on WFDU/SUNDAY SIMCHA in this area.


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