Thursday, June 14, 2012

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the weekly fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)          Hindsight is a wonderful and strange thing.  In reading about LBJ (there is a reason for those initials aside from his name) in Caro’s latest book one realizes that things are not what they seem at the time and that JFK was not all that his image seemed to be.   I, along with many others, are having eyes opened and new understanding of that time thanks to this wonderful work by Caro.  It is, as a bonus, ever so readable.

2)          Given the NY Times article on Lenin and his remains---truly a good time to finally bury the man and the past.

3)          Have you ever wondered why notorious murderers get full obit coverage in the NY Times but their victims never did.  In fact, why are they recognized at all?  Folk heros?  Doubtfully.

4)          Washington Mutual Bank is gone and Chase was the recipient of a nice gift thereof.  They lost 2 billion and Chase now has done as well and even moreso.  Has anyone ever questioned why this transfer took place when the bank could have been saved----disclaimer now---I was a shareholder in WM and, frankly, it was a bank that really was “local” and helpful.  Expletive about Chase deleted.
5)          Have you ever wondered why some people are 
so revered because they have paid homage to ailing parents at great expense when they can well afford it and others are remembered for damages to their homes  while the larger things are not considered more important. References now---RFK visiting is ill father in Florida for 20 minutes or so via a personal plane during his lunch time (Caro) or Geo. HW Bush and the documentary of him (HBO).   How much do we revere the “everyman” who holds down 2 or 3 jobs to be able to support an ill wife, child, or such?

6)            Age does not necessarily give you wisdom but it surely can make you empathize and appreciate a great film even more in hindsight---there we are again—hindsight.   Harry and Tonto came out in 1975---came out---released.  Damn.  Eric Bogle is right---words do change their meanings.  Check out his Silly Slang Songs—or listen to TRADITIONS (WFDU) where I do play it from time to time---requests always welcome.

7)          To add a few “folk” or “Sunday Simcha” comments to this posting I will say that the Sunday Simcha for this Sunday is a wonderful mix of various things we do ( it is the Royal “WE” –I am, after all, the maven of the manse) along with a piece toward the end I do hope you enjoy.  One of the listeners sent it to me.  If you want to  share anything just e mail me and we will work it out.  As to TRADITIONS.  On June 24 I will be “live” in the studio---“live” (Simcha makes me say--
God Willing”) and there is a very interesting program planned---no guests, some great new material and some great bits from the archives.   Too late for requests now.

8)          Graduations are upon us.   Are Elementary School and Middle School (JHS---oh, how he dates himself) different now than they were?

9)          I did receive some pen and pencil sets---ball points were just coming out---and expensive--- for my HS graduation.  For college I have to admit a very personal story---The one person who influenced me the most and from whom I garnered my appreciation of music, reading, and theater gave me the most meaningful gift of all---her wisdom (aside from the check—I did not care about that).  My aunt.  From evenings at her place with the likes of—Max Lerner, Frank Kingdon, and more (sure---the NY Post was a “good” paper until Ms Schiff sold it to Murdoch) and theater in NYC to lunches with lively discussions I have to say that it was a meaningful graduation followed by meaningful moments with a heroic person---heroic would take another essay to explain.


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Anonymous said...

You've referenced your Aunt from time to time. It would be nice to hear more about her wisdom. Write that essay. I like the aphorism of Ilene Beckerman's grandmother who said, "If you have to stand on your head to make somebody happy, all you can expect is a big headache." Wisdom and humor!