Thursday, May 10, 2012

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon.


1)  It’s not great literature but if you like high toned gossip Frank Langella’s book, “Dropped Names” is worth a read.   I think it should have been called “”Name Droppings” since a lot of the acidity might be in certain bird droppings.

2)            It is so interesting to see how things change and never change---life just goes on in full circle and repetitions.  When there used to be back yard playhouses that got removed as the owners and their children aged---and died---they are replaced with—you got it.  New families, new playhouses and so the cycle continues.  Happily.
3)            I still have to, once again, comment on the fact that Terry Gross (Fresh Air) is, in my opinion, the best radio interviewer around who just has wonderful conversations with her truly interesting guests.

4)            Maurice Sendak died this week and he was a truly brilliant writer who, and now we go back to Terry Gross, had some of his interviews with her replayed that day.  What insight and reality facing comments by him about death, faith, and comfort.

5)            Having met the most interesting people while doing “Tabletalk” (WFDU) for a number of years I had always hoped to emulate Ms Gross.  Hopefully, I was interesting, but I did not come close to her insightful interviews.  I did carry on, I believe, a good conversation as I do on my other two programs---when we have a guest.

6)            This Sunday I do hope you will tune in to TRADITIONS on WFDU at 3 PM ET when I have a conversation---truly interesting one---with Kate Campbell and explore her music and her thinking.  You can listen on the web at

7)            I am always amazed to find that some 30-40 year old British Sitcoms still hold more humor (humour) and interest than today’s crop banal U S ones.   Add to that list the brilliant Judy Dench (not a comedy) in “As Time Goes By” and you have a lineup for the ages.

8)            They say that they are not making things like they used to---well, think of this---Cars last longer and Film actors are more versatile and interesting.  On the negative side appliances break down readily and it is not worth repairing them---nor old broken down film actors.   Think about this---Jimmy Stewart was always Jimmy Steward, Cary Grant was always Cary Grant and the list goes on.  Kenneth Branagh is different in all he does; as are (and were) Olivier, Pacino, Hackman, amongst others.

9)            You have to wonder about male politicians and women---is “power” really that much of an aphrodisiac?  What about the females politicos?  On the list of “tawdry” I guess John Edwards is outdoing his competition---lot of them to beat there starting with Elliot Spitzer, JFK, and Ben Franklin was no slouch, I hear.  But, with Ben, you did have the risk of electrocution since he liked to do it in thunderstorms---and, yes, I am old enough to bear witness.

10)     “What Hath God Wrought” were words used by Samuel Morse on his invention of the telegraph.  Had he been around today he might well have used it to describe the predatory practices of so many allegedly pious folks of many religions  and asked that question and then this word  “Pedophilia?”

11)     One last “bravo” for WFDU for allowing the free-form  programming of radio to continue and to allow the creativity of the various on-air folks be allowed to flourish.   So little left of that; including alleged “college” and “community” stations.   Having said that I also have to add my appreciation for the artists who gained a foothold on the air here and have commented and been loyal to that fact over the years.

12)    You do have to go out on a light note so let me tell you of the panhandler who stopped the Hedge Fund manager on his way to work to ask for $5.00 for a cup of coffee.  The Hedge Fund manager said there is no way coffee will cost you  $5.00. I will give you $1.00.  The response to that was---Give me 5.00 or give me nothing but DO NOT TELL ME HOW TO RUN MY BUSINESS.   Though, he should have said he was going to Starbucks.  It would have made sense and gotten him $5.00.  And the Hedge Fund Manager can then be well perceived as an idiot.


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