Sunday, May 13, 2012

Programming & Appearances Updates

Hopefully you found today's program interesting and also stuck around for the hour with the brilliant Kate Campbell.  The next program I will be doing will be Memorial Day wknd. so you know you can expect some commemorations there and some commentary about respecting this holiday and what it stands for.  It, surely, does not stand for bargain hunting at sales.  Perhaps memory hunting for sacrifices made that allow us to even think of the former.

If you have any requests for Memorial Day material please do let me know.

The playlists for both Sunday Simcha & Traditions should be available tomorrow

Now for the updates I had mentioned on the air today---

TRADITIONS---I will be recalling the music of Bob Marley that day  in the segment reserved for that. 

CONCERT CALENDAR UPDATES--In no particular chronological order

June 9   Songwriters By The Sea w/ Willie Nile, Dan Bern and more---Acoustic Cafe --Park Ridge, NJ

June 3    Uptown Coffeehouse---   Rod MacDonald

June 3    Borderline Folk Music Club---Travers, Chandler & Avery

May 20  The Turning Point---The Refugees            

Future announcements will be on the air, as always.   As a matter of policy I do want to say that I do try to keep the announcements solely for fairly local venues who's admission prices are well below what one gets on Ticketmaster and the larger venues.   Frankly,  my opinion,  I think you get just as good entertainment and a great bang for your buck.  Actually---sometimes better entertainment and a chance to mingle with the artists--backstage passes are not required for you to be slighted.  At the same time you are supporting local venues and helping newer artists (in general).


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