Thursday, April 19, 2012

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)            Isn’t interesting that on the very first hot day of the year the ants and other bugs make an appearance along with all the folks you know that wintered in Florida and you wished stayed there.

2)            There was a punchline somewhere but it would have made it too long---so—punchline---“it is God’s waiting room so why did they not keep waiting there as they do in all the medical offices they visit?”

3)            I wonder about Capital punishment.  Perhaps some crimes truly deserve it and not the mish mash we have here.  Norway is, perhaps, too civilized and too naive given the patience with the admitted mass murderer Breivik who brags of his murders.

4)            One has to wonder about what some folks think important.  Today, after all those fatal twisters in the mid-west, I heard a couple on their way to a medical office on this beautiful sunny day say: “That’s the trouble with W. Nyack---too windy”.    One wonders what they or people like them would have said while walking down the street and hearing the news in about 1940 about the bombings of London—“..New York is just so damned crowded and noisy..?”

5)            I am fortunate to have a GP (sort of              like the old family doc of years back) that can second guess all these specialists.   Specialists are wonderful (and I truly respect one I know) but they do not, many times, see the whole person----the GP does (as does the specialist I mentioned---if not for him I would have major problems).   Moral of this tiny tale---don’t over use and over believe all the specialists----and you better have good genes.

6)             I going out now for a dip in the deep end of the gene pool and hope it all works out well.

7)            Since it’s OK for a Pres. to philander in the “People’s House” but not off-duty Secret Service agents in a Public House you have to wonder how puritanical we really are.

8)            We still recall the Titanic tragedy---how quickly we have left the story of the Concordia---and what will be the final outcome of that humanly created tragedy?

9)            How far we have fallen from the heights of civil discourse in Presidential elections to the depth we are at now from the ranters---Ted Nugent (that Mitt Romney still cannot fault by name) and such others of his ilk.   Perhaps it is this instant communication via phone, internet, and everyone being a pundit (more properly a “putz”) as opposed to the time of serious thought and discussion that happened until, even, the time of Ronald Reagan.  Credit where it is due.

10)     Since I am not a bird I do not tweet, and “text” was always a publication I do not do “texting”.  Moving right along into the 21st century E-Mail (electronic mail) works for me (to the detriment of the USPS) along with a flat screen TV (whatever happened to those days of B/W and only 6 channels and a few UHF ones?).
a.For extra credit----trivia question (no Googling---do real research)—prior to its current incarnation what was the name of the network that was (in the NYC area circa 1950s /1960s) on Channel 5---and featured Jackie Gleason?

11)    If you are in the NYC area you have to appreciate that Scott Stringer (Manhattan Boro Pres) might run for mayor and will say things that are so popular and will not in any way have an effect on his campaign since the city has no control of the issues he speaks of---his comments on  “commuter taxes” is an example.
a. Extra points again-----David Dinkens was a Manhattan Borough Pres. ---who preceded him?  
12)  Kate Campbell's latest album is a marvel and like all the others---unique and different from the earlier ones.  Two tracks truly memorable---"From Montgomery to Mobile" and "God Bless you Arthur Blessit"---out of an album of all memorable musical  moments.  The album title---1000 Pound Machine---her piano on which she plays rather than guitar.


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