Wednesday, April 11, 2012

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the fedora (as always) to Jimmy Cannon


1)   All I have are a few updates and thoughts for this alternate Thursday which comes with a lot of breaking items and also some thoughts about this week's coming programs---so---let is change the format a bit---upcoming moments on the programs first--
              a)  SUNDAY SIMCHA--- Do listen this Sunday as we once again commemorate the sad occasion of Yom Hashoah with some rare radio items that will commemorate it and also bring some icons back to you that you may have not recalled recently.

              b) TRADITIONS---This Sunday, besides some wonderful new material, we have the features and I do believe you will like the rarity to goes along with a new artist that commemorates Hank Williams.   Let's just say it complements what he sings of and done live--years back--obviously--by the master---Hank W.

     2)   One has to pass on some life lessons.  Change is hard to do and, sometimes, you will find it all works out for the best.   Personally, it is a mundane tale.  My dryer broke after 48 years of service (without a service call---NORGE--if you are interested) and I find, now, that a laundromat is a wonderful thing.  The people who patronize it and the staff are just great----no more service calls for me.   
    3)  Why are there knee jerk reactions when a poet writes something that might be critical of Israel?  Gunt(h)er Grass has written a poem that should be judged on its poetic quality and not on political thought.  He has shown, many times, his impartiality and his guilt for the Hitler years and should be listened to as an honest critic of Middle East politics and problems in addition to his poetic pronouncements.

   4)   It is truly a wonder that there are all these Visa problems with entertainers coming to this welcoming nation.   Emma Lazarus wrote for the Statue of Liberty about welcoming the masses and all those poor starving people---you do know of starving artists--right?   Please do not let overpriced tickets get in your way of sympathizing for these poor folks for their problems with Visas to the U S.   Is it not amazing what a bunch of A**Hole suicide bombers can create (thanks to the incompetence of our own FBI/CIA folks).  The Japanese should have had it so easy in 1941. 

   4)    With all the Twitter, Tumblr, Iphone, Facebook,etc; are we not losing some time to really think about an issue or a problem and making snap judgements that are usually not correct?   What happened to "Time will tell" or  "Let's sleep on it" or "Good point but let me think about it"? 

  5)   To put a fine point on it---Eric Bogle does not tour here anymore, an Opera singer(from UK--our friends) (or his agency) lost $25,000 due to visa problems/ red tape that caused him to miss his engagements.  

  6) The light note to end today---or as my old friend Wolgang Amadeaus Mozart said, with so much insight,  Meine Leit Motif--  Of the 4 questions asked at the Passover Seder would it not be wise to add a few that  update the historical concept--

                a)   If Jesus were resurrected would he say---I came back for the buffet?  (thanks to Paul Rudnick--New Yorker for that)
                b)   If your child married a Podiatrist would you say---my daughter the wife of the guy who did what Jesus did before Easter?
                c)   Why is this night different from all others since we still have the same issues and same tsuris and that Elijah never keeps his appointed rounds anyway---why bother.

 Still--- let me wish one and all a Ziessen Pesach and a Joyous Easter.   We don't have to think about it---let's just do it.

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