Thursday, March 8, 2012

THURSDAY--Another Edition of--

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)            My compliments for the wonderful performances and talented folks that appeared last Sat. evening at the Hurdy Gurdy Folk Music Club.   Brother Sun and the opening act that featured Mara Levine and her singing partner were truly amazing and something that, had it been in NYC, would have cost 10 times what the lucky patrons at the Hurdy  Gurdy paid for top quality entertainment that also included some meaningful and memorable music.

2)            I have always wondered why the Conservative Republican Koch brothers have their name pronounced as Kok  and Mayor Ed. Koch as Kotch.  Sort of like the maestro of the Met. Opera---Mr. Levine---LeeVine---as opposed to  Levine—Leveen.   Sort of like Bugs Bunny trying to class up his act and not allow folks to know his roots and, hence===Mr. Bugs Raabeet.  There is another thought on this----does not work in print so tune in to Sunday Simcha ( ) on 3/18 and I will spell it out---actually a great old story that I learned from my late and unlamented father in law.

3)            Why should we not speak ill of the dead if we never did like them in life.  Did death make them nicer?

4)            Why is it that when the nation has, currently, an honest and pragmatic leader with nuance those who oppose him cannot say one positive thing in his favor?  Yet, they have no other specific plans for anything save bluster and generalities mostly having to do with religion.   Rick Sanitarium (just too easy not to do that) would make one amazing president as we recede back to the days of Ur.  OK—he is more up to date than that so let’s say Canaan.

5)            First---a disclaimer or honesty in advertising---I am Jewish.  I am getting tired of the criticism of Pres. Obama vis a vis Pres. Obama and Israel’s Netanyahu.  Lest we forget the Pres. is looking out for the interests of the U S and is still a supporter of Israel.   Should they attack or should they not attack Iran lies within their purvey and, honestly, they do not announce things in advance and what the two discuss about the reality is probably not aired for public consumption in any event.

6)            Garrison Keilor had his annual joke show this past weekend on Public Radio---here is one---Chinese man and Jewish man in a bar and the Jew hits the Chinese and says—“...that was for Pearl Harbor..”   The Chinese says---“That was the Japanese”.   Then the Chinese hits the Jewish man and the Jew asks---why.  “For the Titanic”.  The Jewish fellow says that was an iceberg---the Chinese man---“...Iceberg, Goldberg, Steinberg---all the same to me..”   There were, as Jolson said, a million of them---and this was a real oldie.

7)            Did you hear the one about the Egyptian who had a nose job?   No joke.  Check the NY Times of Tues---a no no in Egyptian circles it seems.  Worse if you say it was not for cosmetic reasons when it was---please tell our lady friends who have a song about them---Second Hand Nose.

8)            To get serious for a moment.  I am so impressed and delighted that we have a Pres. that is honest, pragmatic, and idealistic (as much as one can be in that office).   His explanation as to why he called Ms Fluke about Sir Rush the Intolerant  and his stance on Israel at his meeting with the Israeli hawk who is PM are to be admired given our recent history of Presidential problematical prognosticators of events---to simplify ---go to war and believe whatever they tell “me”.   Damn---even Kucinich wanted to invoke the constitutional power of Congress re: Iraq

9)            After taking a totally random and un-scientific poll I find that Psychologists are more annoying and opinionated than their “clients”.  Why are they called “clients?” and not patients---I have it---a money making business scheme wherein they believe the Psychologist knows of what he/she does not speak.  Socrates was better at asking questions.

10)    I was never a fan of Sue Simmons but have to say that the non-renewal of her contract (after 30 years) by NBC(Channel 4) is truly something that smacks of sexism and ageism.   True the anchors at the other major networks are younger and more attractive but so was Ms. Simmons years back.  She is 68 as is her co-anchor Chuck Scarborough.  Scarborough seems to be aging well and he is renewed.  I think that speaks for itself.  His perks for his “talented?” offspring is surely based on such  talent---I don’t know.

                 Since NBC is the lowest in ratings (for good reason) of the major networks it seems no matter who they hire to make the perfect couple with handsome Chuck  the ratings will still stay in the sewer.
                One other thought on this subject---these are “news readers” so why are “looks” so important?   Huntley/ Brinkley,  Murrow, Cronkite, etc; none of them come close.
                Not bad commentary for someone as myself who never liked Sue Simmons---but fair is fair after 30 years.  30 years that I studiously avoided that newscast.  One last note of honesty---I find the personalities on ABC a hell of a lot better---and, honesty again, the distaff sides of the various tables are hot.

11)    It is time to leave on one of Garrison Keilor’s jokes from his joke show—
a.  Jesus walks into a bar and when the bartender asks for his order he asks for just a glass of water---he says He will take of the rest.


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