Friday, March 2, 2012

Random Thoughts after MIssing Nobody Asked Me But...

My apologies for having missed posting the ever popular item (?) this week--we will try for next week.  Popular---well, that is what the question mark is for.  Let me know.

Now to the random thoughts---

I really want to thank all the people who so loyhally pledged to both SUNDAY SIMCHA and TRADITIONS during our annual fund drive and I want to single out a few people---

I won't mention the name but here financial support is keeping this vessel(s)  afloat. Another party is from NYC and pledged(and paid via credit card) to Sunday Simcha.  Her note w/ her pledge are truly moving.  I am so delighted that I am making a difference in someone's Sunday memories and life.  Got Zei Dank .  

Moving on to Traditions.   Once again my most effusive thanks for your wonderful support of this particular program on WFDU   It is something to be celebrated what with all those that have come and gone.  A gem (started by Ron Olesko of many years back) and, hopefully, carried forward with features today that harken back to those days and bring us into today..  Not make it sound that Ron is not there---he is still there and, between us, I hope, we are presented what you want in this day of very splintered radio programming---or perhaps---niche programming is a better word/  That is open for another discussion.   Today---just thanks for support and enjoyment of what we do on WFDU-=---Traditions and Sunday Siucha.

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Anonymous said...

Damn, good to read your blog with current thoughts. Had us worried that the pledge drive was deleterious to your health.