Thursday, August 25, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of......

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon----


1) Seem like Social Networking and computers do bring out the “creativity” that most folks had to keep suppressed for years. For better or for worse. And correction fluid is not needed---just a steady hand before you hit “send”.

2) Sometimes the best films do not get to your local theater---case in point---“Queen To Play”. A bit formulaic but still enjoyable and Kevin Kline speaking fluent French—amazing talent. It is on DVD---however long that format will last in this era of constant change.

3) The Earthquake was truly devastating---imagine having a lawn chair keel over. Don’t mention this to Haitians.

4) My sincere compliments on the recognition this Sunday to Si Kahn at the Borderline Folk Club picnic that features so many great artists and, of course, Si Kahn. My honor is to be able to introduce him---and I do hope to see you there. The event takes place in New City, NY and the website to check is

5) So many maniacal dictators and so few who want to leave the stage rapidly. You have to say this for dear old Adolf---he knew when it was over---and he took his girl friend with him---Qadafi—hangs on, Assad---hangs on, and, unfortunately, Amin lived out his years in luxury as a few other did as well.

6) What would the population do without the paternalism of Mayor Bloomberg---what do eat, what to wear, what to do in emergencies---nobody has to think for themselves anymore at all.


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