Friday, August 19, 2011

THURSDAY--Another Edition of......

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon---


1) You will not want to miss this week’s TRADITIONS ( as we start with music from Si Kahn and the artists that will be honoring him on 8/28 in New City, NY and then welcome the wonderful HUNGRYTOWN group into the studio for some conversation and live music.

2) Have you ever noticed that Broadsheets (NY Times, Washington Post, etc;) write in depth articles that may continue for on other pages and the tabloids make sure that each piece ends on the same page. That surely must tell one something about quality and intellect.

3) It does seem incongruous that municipalities are limited to minute financial support from the State, that workers are taking cut-backs, and everyone is belt tightening and The Port Authority (with its highly paid execs) plans to increase fees by over 50%. The new definition of greed and obscenity.

4) You have to admire the “chutzpah” of the politicos---let the board you appoint threaten 50% increases in tolls and then ride in on your stalwart stallion and insist on a lower increase as if that was not the plan all along. Also—why have public (stacked) hearings where the board does not appear but, rather, sends a stenographer.

5) Sometimes the old films are still the best---The Third Man, to me, is still the classic of its genre---and Orson Welles with just a bit of screen time in it still seems like the overshadowing force—pun intended.


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