Friday, May 13, 2011

THURSDAY Another Edition of..................

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon :


1)            You have to hand it to the Orthodox Jewish newspaper from Bklyn.  for narrow mindedness,  and making lying not a sin when they altered the iconic photo of the tension of awaiting the Seals capturing Osama Bin Laden. 

2)               Here is the ethical thing---don’t publish the shot.  In altering it you have shown disdain for women, a penchant for lying, and, perhaps worst, opened yourself for legal problems since the photo came with specific instructions it not be altered.

3)               Best that the publishers of Die Tzeitung (that is the paper) go to Pitkin Avenue and look for Joe & Paul---they know from altering---from coats to suits to gabardines----OY can they a bargain bring.

4)               How many recall when Adlai Stevenson had a problem in running because of his divorce?   Now we have Presidents who have affairs and now a contender who has his 3d wife (who he dated while married) to be his testimonial to his “family values”.  Say another hello to Newt Gingrich.

5)               With all the hype about Broadway musicals and Spiderman in particular has anyone noticed that the only “Broadway” shows of significance are dramas (that do not run for long) and 1 or 2 musicals?   All the rest is now Disneyland East---spectacles with no serious or comedic content (save 1 or 2)   Most good things are now Off Bway or regional.   Think of this---South Pacific---Lincoln Ctr. / War Horse—Lincoln Ctr. / West Side Story—Bellport NY.  Now if you want Juke Box Musicals and tourist attractions Bway is THE place---The Million Dollar Quartet, Jersey Boys, Abba, Lion King—and so on and on and on.

6)               Does anyone really care that Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife separated?  If so—well, let me look into Bartlett’s Book of Quotations---here it is---“get a life”

7)               Andrew Calhoun is one hell of an honest songwriter---stick around for the day I have him on TRADITIONS---probably on 5/29.   You do not want to miss it and all the other material that day.

8)               I have to repeat a great joke which was told by the grand-daughter of Sholom Aleichem.  She is now 100 years of age and teaching a course in Jewish Humor.  Married to a man who is 94 she makes the point that he likes older women---OK—the joke:
        “The Frenchman says: ‘I’m tired and thirsty. I must have wine.’ The German says: ‘I’m tired and thirsty. I must have beer.’ The Jew says: ‘I’m tired and thirsty. I must have diabetes.’ ”.

       Bel Kaufman is the author of the best-seller Up The Down Staircase.

9)              I don’t have a “smart” phone since it would make me feel truly stupid---a phone smarter than myself.  Horrors.

10)       Stu Marcus, the force behind the annual Harry Chapin concert on Long Island attracts some terrific talent for this Free event (you do have to bring food for the local pantries) and wondered how he might get Billy Joel to appear.  He has all the creds for this---Long Island,  stated many times his music is mistaken for Harry Chapin, and, while it is always a “sold out” event---this could really make it even more-so---and put a great feather in the cap of Stu Marcus, who desperately needs another feather in his cap.

11)       I wonder why John Prine never got around to writing a song about Steve Goodman---who, besides being a great friend, pushed him to the fore at the beginning.   He states, in Clay Eals’ book that he still has not had the inspiration.   Strange.  Think Harry Chapin/Phil Ochs, Harry Chapin/Pete Seeger, Eric Bogle/Kate Wolf.  Inspiration!

12)       Make sure you do not miss the segment about songwriters and singers on Traditions this Sunday----it may well explain the above---Andrew Calhoun will be my guest 2 weeks from then.


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