Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some Thoughts and Some Suggestions Required

On TRADITIONS, as you are aware, I always start the program with some, what I consider, wonderful new music that was sent over the proverbial transom.   That will not change.  But I could use some suggestions about a thought I had for the program.  You, hopefully, are listeners and appreciate the program and all the wonderful guests that join us (that will not change).

In thinking of it I am so delighted that there are many "elders", so to speak, that are still with us---Pete Seeger being the lead off hitter in that category.  Yet,  we have lost so many before their time.   It is, sadly, a long list.  Yet, their music should always be recalled.    I speak here of people like Steve Goodman, Kate Wolf, Harry Chapin, Phil Ochs---oh---many more.   SO--the question.  Would you want about 20 or so minutes devoted to these people on a bi-weekly basis (one at a time)---you requests would be honored.?

Your input on this would be greatly appreciated.   I know how I feel about it but I always want to keep the program to be something you--the listener--wants to hear.

No picture and no influence today.  Just an honest question.

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