Thursday, November 18, 2010

THURSDAY---Another edition of...

A flip of the fedora to Jimmy Cannon


1)     You really have to suspend belief in Congressman Rangel’s innocence when he speaks of not being able to afford his lawyers and yet somehow amassed enough money for a whole bunch of rent-stabilized apartments, condos in the Caribbean, and other business ventures there.

2) is where you can see the funniest and most memorable of the great David Susskind shows---How to Be A Jewish Son which includes the great Mel Brooks joke about the translation of the old Jewish curse---May you Eat Trolley Cars and shit transfers.

3)     Seems that Justice Thomas’ wife has more to say than he does.  She seems to be a very “vocal” majority to his “silent”  minority of opinion on the Supreme Court.

4)     There was an interesting piece in last weekend’s NY Times Real Estate section about people sharing “bargain” lodgings in NYC.   There was a time when the joke was about Puerto Ricans living 20 or so to a room---now they glamorize people sharing a room in NYC (of about 300 Sq Ft)  for a rent of about $600.00 .  Let me see if I remember my definitions---Puerto Ricans lived in slums (or made them  slums) but these folks are “romantics” who want to be in the “Big Apple”===I do believe either the core of the apple  is rotten or the OED needs updating for its definition of “romantic”.

5)     Too bad old P T Barnum is gone since he would love to meet these folks since he defined them so well---and they were born every minute.

6)     Why do judgmental and opinionated people become psychologists or social workers (and why do social workers have practices since they are not psychologists or psychiatrists---and why the word practice---kind of meaningless for non- accomplishers).   Same goes for lawyers and MDs---must be a better term---how about “successful participants in ________”

7)     W is opening his presidential library so---no jokes about only one book.  But the crayon work depicting his ambitions is not to be dismissed.

8)     I wonder if I have it right---GM declares bankruptcy and wipes out their share holders and now is issuing stock in its new company and is limiting who can get into the IPO (even the ex-employees that were wiped out) save the large institutional investors.   The Government (read tax payers) bails them out and to repay them they are issuing the stock.  Given that would it not be appropriate for the tax payers to have equal access to purchase (though why pour good money after bad given their track record is questionable) the shares.  
9)     Washington Mutual is long gone---a gift (basically) to Chase---Country Wide went to Bank of America---and, GM gets bailed out.  (a disclaimer here---I owned shares in Wash. Mutual---and surely like my new wall paper courtesy of Washington---not Mutual).  So, if Capitalism has to do with the opposite of Socialism then what happened to Laissez-faire in the interim?   Warren Buffet and his Letter to The Ed. in the NYT not withstanding.   I would have weathered the Wash. Mutual troubles but the government did not want me to do that---what a blessing---putting me into the decorating business with new wall paper.

10)                      I have a Chase credit card now and what a thrill to know that they have horrific interest rates but, according to the ads, may well pick up my check at a restaurant.  Really warms the heart to know of the personal touch Chase has with me.  I avoid restaurants because I do not believe Chase is there as my host---ads not withstanding.

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